daily-aggregation-21. GAZA TRUCE: IT’S OFFICIAL Thank goodness that’s over. People could’ve died if this stuff continued.

2. CALL THE DAMNED INQUIRY Despite Stephen Harper being a brain-locked moron on the topic, there’s lots of desire for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. But if you consider this to be whinging and must have a counterpoint, I recommend this.

3. GLOBAL WARMING IS TERRIFYING The evidence keeps piling up that it’s happening and it could become irreversible. Maybe you should express your concern to your MP? Especially if you have kids. Assuming you like your kids.

4. GLOBAL WARMING FRIGHTENS SCIENTISTS The people who actually understand what we’re doing to the world are basically shitting their pants. Meet biologist Shauna Murray:

Science (scared climatologist)


Says Shauna:

We’ve recorded all sorts of climate change shifts in multiple areas. However, the scientific process is consistent. Every single individual study that has been done, has gone through the same rigorous process, data collection, research analysis, and qualified peer review. At the moment, we’ve at least 10 000 different papers, completed over 20 years, each using different data sets, and they are all coming to the same climate change conclusions. We’ve a weight of evidence that the average person is simply not aware of – and this frightens me.

More scared scientists here and a HuffPost story about the project here.

5. WRITING THE CHEQUE Burger King is officially buying Tim Horton’s and moving the company to Canada to get out of paying some U.S. taxes (and no, Canada won’t get any additional tax revenue out of this, as the second story says). More here, here and here.

6. REGINA’S RED LIGHT CAMERAS Some news story I didn’t read here.

7. LAWSON POOL TO REOPEN The fumes are fixed.

8. MEET THE INTRUDEAUER The guy who walked into the unlocked Trudeau home comes forward and everyone realizes it was a case of harmless drunken shenanigans. And we learned a valuable lesson about locking doors.

VIDEO: BUCKET AFTER BUCKET Superman can take a punch. He’s invulnerable, so an enemy can unload blow upon blow and Supes keeps coming back for more. In a twisted way, it’s one of the fun things about the character. I guess that’s the idea behind his ice bucket challenge. Either that, or they’re trying to shrink his super-bulge with ice water. Should’ve kept the red shorts, I guess.