daily-aggregation-21. New training centre. U of R athletes rejoice as a new high performance training facility is in the works. Maybe if you are lucky it’ll be built before you graduate!

2. Don’t eat the green ones, or any. Saskatchewan Poison Control has seen an increase in people exposed to detergent in the single use laundry pods.

3. Burial ground plans. Saskatchewan is planning, and hoping, to create a cemetery for the increasing number of Muslims in the province.

4. Looking for stars. Not the celebrities, actual celestial stars, from space! A 71 year old astronomer is trying to save the stars from light pollution. Like Lisa Simpson, only real.

5. Search for secrets. A team of Royal Canadian Navy (ice) divers are planning to take a plunge into icy cold, Arctic waters to find out more about HMS Erebus, which sunk while Sir John Franklin tried to find the Northwest Passage.

6. Save animals, not capture. An anti-animal cruelty group is up in arms as they protest the Greater Vancouver Zoo, saying they should save local animals instead of exhibiting the exotic.

7. Secret-swapping, spy style. Canada’s very own intelligence agency, CSIS,  (how many of you are surprised Canada even has a spy agency?) created a forum to give secrets about terrorist-travel with other agencies. This sounds like it is going to end well, doesn’t it?

8. In other spy news. Apparently being a spy for Canada isn’t hard enough, the food at headquarters is so terrible at least one employee threatens to take it to Amnesty International.

9. Science! That’s why. The CERN Large Hadron Collider has been turned on again after two years of lying dormant. Now the science-ing can once again commence!

10. Super-powered flight. In the latest Fantastic 4 trailer, due out later this summer, shows Sue and Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Invisible Woman and Human Torch) take flight.