daily-aggregation1. NDP FORCES DEBATE ON MISSING ABORIGINAL WOMEN Finally! Looks like the opposition took advantage of people going home for the weekend early.

2. EMPTY CHAIRS IN THE HOUSE Apparently, MPs droning on in a deserted House of Commons is a typical thing, not an exception. No wonder the NDP took advantage!

3. OBSESSION WITH TRUDEAU’S LOOKS A Globe and Mail reporter says concentrating on the Liberal party leader’s looks instead of his policies is distracting us from what really matters in our politicians.

4. HOUSING MORE EXPENSIVE THAN PEOPLE THINK A report by BMO is showing home prices and new homeowner’s expectations aren’t matching up.

5. TORONTO MAYOR CANDIDATE WANTS PRIDE PARADE FUNDING CUT Good news! It’s not a Ford related story for once – it’s John Tory, former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. The reason? “Queers against Israeli Apartheid” is taking part again this year. Tory is arguing the advocacy group goes against the city’s human rights policy, yet the claim’s been debunked by the city multiple times. A protest against abuses of human rights is being accused of being against human rights – wonder if Tory sees the irony?

6. JAPAN STILL WHALING The country continues to ignore the IWC and kill whales for food under the guise of “research”. I wonder what scientific question needs the sacrifice hundreds of whales year after year…

7. SCOTLAND VOTES ‘NO’ They aren’t separating. So, what’s next?

8. HARASSED WOMAN GAME DEVELOPER SPEAKS OUT Zoe Quinn, target of abuse for allegations made by a jilted ex-boyfriend, writes about her experiences dealing with the onslaught of death threats, slurs, doxing and more.

After playing Super Mario Galaxy, I felt Super Mario 64 was starting to show its age with clunky, imprecise controls. I guess I was doing it wrong: