Daily Aggregation: Spectre

daily-aggregation-21. ATTENTION RACISTS WHO WANNA KILL BLACK PEOPLE Apparently you should become a cop in the United States. Jeez, what a total mess.


3. THE OTHER BOOM More information on that Regina Beach home explosion.

4. SCOOP CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PROCEEDS The federal government tried to stop a class action lawsuit that seeks damages for “a devastating loss of cultural identity” caused by the infamous ’60s scoop, in which government officials took First Nations kids away from their parents, cough, genocide, cough. No dice, feds — the suit’s going ahead.

5. PENSION FUND DRAMA IN QUEBEC The province legislates higher worker contributions to pensions. Guessing this isn’t going to go over so well.

6. LAUNCH DELAYED Orion stays parked.

7. SENATE CHALLENGES OFFENSIVELY AND IGNORANTLY NAMED BILL Good for the Senate. And we all realize that calling a bill the “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act” is spectacularly inappropriate, right? It’s xenophobic, childish and most of all unprofessional parliamentary  behaviour. It’s just propaganda for suckers. Also, where do Conservatives get off being so judgmental? They’re widely regarded as an ignorant, arrogant bunch of war-mongering, firearm-waving, dead aboriginal women-ignoring, scientifically illiterate and scientist suppressing, critic tax-auditing, reproductive rights attacking, daycare-sabotaging, veteran disrespecting, environment-trashing corporate stooges. They don’t know how to run a civilized country. These deficit-happy clowns doesn’t even know how to run an economy. No one should listen to their opinions on other cultures. The issues they’re raising are serious, nuanced and important, and governments need to address them, but these federal Conservatives flat out don’t have the expertise, empathy and frankly intelligence tackle them wisely.

They better knock it off before I write what I REALLY think.


9. MEANWHILE IN GREAT BRITAIN Conservative brainiacs want to shrink government to 1930s size. Because small governments make everyday people’s lives better, oh wait, no they don’t, not at all.

VIDEO: A S.P.E.C.T.R.E. LOOMS The next James Bond movie looks like it might be fun! Although I shouldn’t get too excited because the last one was way too misogynistic for my 21st century tastes. But still. Christoph Waltz!


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Spectre”

  1. (1) It’s pretty terrible when you can’t get an indictment for an incident actually captured on video.
    (3) A scary thing about natural gas, as I learned when we had renovations done, is that the odor agent added to the gas to enable people to smell a leak is stripped away when the leak occurs in the soil. The only other signs of a leak are visual, and in winter especially would be hard to detect.
    (4) So $85,000 is the price of one’s cultural identity? How did that figure originate?
    (5) Like it or not, people will have to pony up more in order to save their pensions, and not just in Quebec.
    (6) Be careful, Stephen, or people will think that you’re in favour of forced marriage, polygamous marriage, or any other cultural practice that victimizes women…and be prepared to be knocked on the noggin (not by me) for your spelling of “judgmental”.

  2. (6) Ha, I say! No one familiar with my charming rants could possibly assume I support forced marriage and female circumcision!

    Also, “judgmental” is the Canadian Oxford Dictionary’s preferred spelling, so the noggin-rappers can take it up with the COD.

  3. 1) Does this unfortunate killing really have to do with racism? Or more to do with the unnecessary controversial use of the choke hold during an arrest? Remember in the video there were both white and black cops there on top of the guy during the arrest. Granted it was the white cop who applied the choke hold. And shouldn’t the mixed variety of jurors who all voted in favor of not filing any criminal charges against the white cop be held accountable for that decision?
    2) The 25th Anniversary of a tragedy.
    3) Sask Energy has some accountability in this.
    4) More taxpayer $ to settle a Fed. gov’t past mistake. Great, just great.
    5) Nope, they aren’t liking it.
    6) Waiting a long time for this launch.
    7) Silly name.
    8) Good.
    9) Maybe good only if Britain’s population size still matches their 1930’s population. Which it doesn’t.

    The name is Steve……Steve Whitworth BOND!

  4. I should clarify that my COD allows “judgemental”, but it’s not the preferred version.

  5. It’s OK, Stephen; I jusy wanted to be sure there wasn’t a double standard in operation.

  6. I don’t understand your comments. Why would anyone take him to task for proper use of JUDGMENTAL? Are you just picking at scabs? Is that what you’re reduced to now that the Dog Blog comment sections are been all but abandoned? Trying to rekindle old arguments? I don’t understand at all.
    If you’re accusing me of having a double standard, fine, have it. Who cares. It makes as much sense as anything else you write here.

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