daily-aggregation-21. SEE ABOVE Then read more here.

2. CSIS WILL HAVE THE POWER TO HARASS ENVIRONMENTALISTS, ANTI-POVERTY ACTIVISTS, WHOEVER THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T LIKE! Um, I mean terrorists. Surely a country that once spied on Tommy Douglas won’t abuse this kind of power.

3. A BILLIONAIRE PEDERAST’S STARR POWER The dude who went pitbull on Bill Clinton for consensual sexytimes with Monica Lewinsky helped save a Very Bad Man from life in prison.

4. THE SASKATCHEWAN LIQUOR PUBLIC CONSULTATION CLOSES TODAY In a suddenly fragile economy, should we support the government’s plan to replace good union jobs with low-wage jobs?

5. THE U.S. LIKES ITS OFFSHORE TORTURE GULAG CUBAN NAVAL BASE The country won’t hand the Guantanamo Bay naval base over to Cuba.

6. MITT DOESN’T HAPPEN A zillionaire oaf won’t run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

HUG AN ANACONDA TODAY Why? Because they’re friendly and cute, duh. And they hardly ever poop on you. Just ask Meghan Kelley!