Daily Aggregation: Roads, Butterflies And Superbugs

daily-aggregation-21. Tragedy in Kenya. A shooting at a Kenyan university leaves at least 70 dead and even more injured.

2. A dream come true. Saskatchewan is going to rebuild 54 roads throughout the province. This is not a drill, it is actually reported as going to happen.

3. Minecraft and education. A Regina school is using Minecraft for educational purposes. Where was the fun video games in class when I was in school?

4. Overreacting Mom overreacts. A Saskatoon mom thinks posters for Victoria Secret, in a mall where the store is opening, is over kill and too much. Because the store shouldn’t advertise its opening, clearly.

5. No Starr this October. Ringo Starr has said “No no no” to his Regina concert.

6. Save the butterflies! Saskatchewan people are planting milkweed to save the monarch butterfly in the province.

7. Don’t eat the turkey either. Days before the Easter holiday Lilydale has expanded their recall of listeria contaminated food to turkey as well.

8. Cure for superbugs? Apparently a cure for modern superbugs has been found in medieval manuscript. Promising though could probably use a bit of work.

Author: Megan Roth

Megan was found in a pumpkin patch, or so she was led to believe. She leaves a wake of havoc and mischief where ever she goes. She believes that her Hogwarts letter was simply lost. When she grows up she wants to be tall, but doesn't see that happening anytime soon.

5 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Roads, Butterflies And Superbugs”

  1. #4: There are ways for them to advertise without using pictures of almost-naked rail-thin models acting “sexy”. They are such a recognizable brand name that all they need to do is use their name and it would be enough. But no, their formula is “HEY LOOK OVER HERE — HOT NAKED CHICKS!!!!” And never mind the “this is what women are supposed to look like” part of the message. Nope, nothing to be bothered about here. No sirree.

  2. 147 now dead in Kenya. These attacks are so simple. All it takes is a gun and a lack of conscience.

  3. 4. Some chick gets 10mins on Gormley, & now her way of thought has the province in a tizzy.. LO Fing L

    7.Guess which foodbank was giving out a free whole turkey to everyone today?

    I didn’t see the brand name, but I gave mine to a young couple…way to much for just me.

  4. too much

    6. What about planting flowers for Bees ? They are on the NEXT to become extinct list also.

  5. Hey I’d like to buy some milkweed for the monarchs. Locally, please.

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