1 daily-aggregation-2THE COURT IS LISTENING Canada’s Supreme court will hear a historic* case about indigenous rights.

2 CBC ISN’T LEARNING The public broadcaster bans an employee who criticized the egomaniac-coddling network.

3 SPEAKING OF THE CBC I’m all for criticizing the broadcaster’s bungles but let’s not forget that a lot of these problems can probably be traced to the fact the CBC has been under aggressive fiscal and ideological attack for more than 30 years. Of course CBC tolerates toxic personalities when those personalities bring better ratings. It’s sensible to want a better public broadcaster but let’s not use recent idiocies to help the causes of the cowardly CBC-bashing politicians who want to hurt CBC because they know a strong, independent public broadcaster can expose them as shills for big business billionaires. People who hate our public broadcaster are communists who should move to a country like China that has no free media.

4 LEAK AT THE REFINERY An investigation is underway. I still remember the windows rattling in the downtown Shopper’s Drug Mart after last year’s Christmas Eve explosion. Thought it was a car accident in the parking lot. Nope!

5 SONA DESERVES THE SLAMMER Here’s an editorial on why the Conservative’s convicted election fraudnik absolutely should be behind bars.

6 BAMBI MURDERING SEASON IS OPEN IN SASKATCHEWAN Deer are cute and I wish people wouldn’t shoot ’em. Even if they weren’t cute I wouldn’t want people to shoot them. I’m not saying hunting is wrong. I’m just saying shooting animals makes me sad.

7 A BLUE JACKET GOES BANKRUPT A sad, cautionary story about why none of us should blindly trust people just because we love them. More here.

8 WHY BILL COSBY IS DONE GQ writer Lindy West, who is just sooo great, delivers the closing remarks in the public trial of an accused rapist. Well worth reading. Related: here’s my favourite editorial cartoon of the year.

9 SPEAKING OF ALLEGED RAPISTS A Swedish court still wants to get its hands on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

10 BONO: MORE THAN A BOO-BOO U2’s lead singer really got beat up in that bicycle accident.

REST IN PEACE, MIKE NICHOLS The director of The Graduate has passed away. Really liked that movie–it’s a classic. I was also fond of his forgettable but sweet 1991 film Regarding Henry, which is about how men are much nice after they’ve been shot in the head. Good date movie.

*Yes, I said “a historic”, not “an historic”. I am not cockney. I don’t say “corr, blimey”, and I pronounce the “H” in “historic”.