Daily Aggregation: Privatization, Layoffs, Deadly Toddlers And Misogynist Albertans

daily-aggregation-21 R.I.P. DIEFENBABY George Dryden, human being and possible son of Saskatchewan-born Prime Minister John F. Diefenbacker, passed away following a terminal illness.

2 BUBBLES NOT POPPED The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office says a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against Trailer Park Boys star Mike Smith has been dropped. Smith and the alleged victim both denied there was any assault.

3 LAYOFFS AT EVRAZ Close to 200 workers will lose their jobs this week because the oil industry is tanking.

4 BCE BUYS MANITOBA TELECOM SYSTEM Seems appropriate timing that this happens now, just as Manitoba’s PCs return to power after more than 16 years in the political wilderness. The Gary Filmon PCs got sent into exile, in part, because they fucking privatized MTS in 1997. Oh, and according to Economy At Work, after he was punted from office Filmon got appointed to the new private company’s board of directors, where he made more than $1.4 million.

5 GUNS MAKE YOU SAFER U.S. children age three and under shoot people every week now.

6 GOODBYE DNTO The long-running CBC radio show hosted by Sook-Yin Lee goes off the air later this month.

7 MISOGYNY, IGNORANCE AND POLITICAL DOUBLE STANDARDS IN HICKSVILLE This one’s just awful.In Alberta, you get a ticket for a “Fuck Harper” sign in your car window but you don’t for calling Premier Rachel Notley a “cunt” on a truck decal.

8 COMMUNISM MEMORIAL GETS A NEW SITE, NEW DESIGN TO FOLLOW The former Harper government’s controversial and sort of crazy Memorial To The Victims Of Communism Thingy will not be built in the inappropriate location Harper wanted it built. It will be built however, so hopefully Conservatives and their supporters won’t whine like a bunch of babies about this.

9 SNAKES ON BELLE PLAINE The Regina musician announces upcoming shows and plays with Sophie, un petit serpent très mignon.

10 COLUMBUS LANDS THE THIRD PICK IN THE 2016 ENTRY DRAFT Good year to move up: the top three 2016 prospects are really good. Toronto will likely draft hyper-elite U.S. star Austin Matthews at first, while Winnipeg (#2) and the #CBJ will probably pick Finnish stars Patrick Laine and Jesse Puljujarvi. Hey, how about a superstar Finnish winger going to Winnipeg? Seems fitting, eh?

11 BATMAN V SUPERMAN WON’T CRACK TOP 10 SUPER-MOVIES* Wahn-wah waaahhhnnn. Well, it wasn’t a very good idea, was it?

*Yeah yeah, it’s still #7 all-time internationally. So I got cute with data sets to get the results I wanted. So what. Climate change deniers have been doing that for decades and people still listen to them…

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

2 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Privatization, Layoffs, Deadly Toddlers And Misogynist Albertans”

  1. “Diefenbacker”? Is there a Kickstarter for prime ministers now?

  2. (1) What anonymousses said, plus: yes, suicide does tend to be terminal.
    (2) Good news.
    (3) Pipeline opponents won’t care.
    (4) Some folks in rural MB think that service may improve. We’ll see.
    (5) This is an issue of careless parenting. You don’t leave loaded guns (or laundry pods, or
    any other dangerous thing) where kids can get them, and you WATCH your kids. There was an uncle I never met because he was accidentally shot by one of his siblings when he was very small. His mother was in the house, but so was a loaded and unsafely stored rifle.
    (6) Nothing lasts forever.
    (7) Nice that you actually can recognize a double standard when you see one.;-)

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