daily-aggregation-21. FRANCE DISSOLVES ITS GOVERNMENT SO BUSINESSES CAN HAVE TAX CUTS That’s how it looks to me, anyway.

2. EARTHQUAKE IN CALIFORNIA A magnitude 6.0 earthquake centered in Napa, California sent more than 100 people to hospital.

3. FACT: CUTTING GRENNHOUSE GASES SAVES ON HEALTH COSTS Story here. I assume we can’t do this in Canada because our federal government is a stooge for the oil industry.

4. HARPER ON HARPER A Toronto Star columnist accurately describes Stephen Harper’s narrow-minded, anti-reality perspective: “There is no nuance in the prime minister’s world. There are bad guys and good guys and there is no public questioning about how we got where we are.”


6. THE NEW CONNAUGHT IS READY Yay! Now I guess we can get on with being a bunch of heroes who demolish 100-year-old heritage buildings. Woo Regina! Go Riders!

7. SPEAKING OF THE RIDERS The Kansas City Chiefs have released Weston Dressler, it’s always nice when someone learns a valuable lesson in humility and speaking of that, the Riders are tempting fate in Winnipeg.

8. BURYING MICHAEL Deceased accused cigar thief and alleged jaywalker Michael Brown will be buried today. Brown was shot at least six times by a Ferguson, Missouri cop who pulled over to cite the now-dead 18-year-old for improper pedestrian activity. No word yet on whether the funeral is scheduled for tear gassing.

9. RESPECT POLICE AUTHORITAH Some Americans  who I’m sure aren’t racist imbeciles have jumped to the defence of the Missouri teenager shooting Missouri cop, because if you’re a white cop in America you’re innocent until proven guilty. Unlike unarmed black teenagers, who obviously deserve to get shot while running away. Oh wait, but “Michael Brown could have been white. It didn’t matter, Darren Wilson was doing his job.” Finally, cartoonist Tom Tomorrow has a comic on how everyone is supposed to act when white cops shoot black teens.

10. FLIPPING BURGERS, DRINKING COFFEE AND DUCKING TAXES Burger King is in talks to buy Tim Horton’s for apparent tax reasons, because Canadian corporate taxes (15%, federally, additional provincial corporate rates vary)  are lower than American corporate taxes. I’m sure all these tax savings will trickle down into higher wages for workers in both companies.

11. REST IN PEACE, RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH The 90-year-old actor and director passed away this weekend.

12. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VERY POPULAR! The dumb but funny space opera (which I’ve seen twice and might see again) is the number 0ne movie in the United States. Jorge didn’t think much of it.

LOOK AT THIS DUMB SQUIRREL Not so smart now are ya, ya little birdseed thief?