daily-aggregation-21. Evraz creating more jobs in Regina. The company is investing $200 million into the city and creating 40 new jobs while they are at it.

 2. Raising the transgender flag. Saskatchewan becomes the first province in Canada to raise a flag in support of transgender people as part of Trans Awareness Week.

3. New child care facility for the U of S. The facility will cost $4.6 million to create but will up the amount of child care spots at the university to 200. That means at least some moms will get a break.

4. Muslims work to prevent radicalization. The police say there is no evidence of radicalization towards Muslims. So they are just making it up, is that it?

5. Indoor tanning ban for teenagers. Pale, pasty skinned teenagers are going to have to get golden bronze skin the old fashioned way when the tanning bed ban goes into affect this summer.  

6. Canada’s worst cities for traffic. Surprise surprise, Vancouver is at the top of the list with Toronto and Ottawa coming after.

7. Prostitution moving indoors. Sex workers in Calgary are moving off the street to work inside, because it’s cold outside eight months out the year.

8. No more borders for streaming! Netflix wants to make all of its content available to everyone, not region blocked. Finally!!

9. Time-lapse of the sun. From NASA a short video of the sun over the past 5 years.