Daily Aggregation: Nice Guys

daily-aggregation-21. FIGHTING FAST FOOD Fast food workers in 150 U.S. states cities protest shit wages.

2. REGINA TEEN MISSING FOR TWO WEEKS Hopefully she’s safe.

3. NATO MEETS, TALKS, FRETS Topics discussed at the NATO summit in the United Kingdom: Ukraine and Russia, Islamic State fuck-os.

4. U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT WILL EXPAND ITS FERGUSON PROBE Read all about it. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that a lot of American police departments are a lot whiter than the communities they serve, which, at minimum, creates an image problem, don’tcha think?

5. STEPHEN HARPER SAYS SCOTLAND SHOULDN’T SEPARATE You were probably wondering what Dear Leader thinks; now you know.

6. BP: EVEN MORE GROSSLY NEGLIGENT BP loses a court ruling over the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon spill and will face “enhanced civil penalties”. The company says it will appeal.

7. HOLY FUCKASAURUS A really, really, really, really, really, really big dinosaur is described. I hope someone reconstructs a near-complete fossil of one of these things someday. 45 per cent is pretty good, though.

8. UNIVERSITY OF REGINA ANNOUNCES EBOLA PRECAUTIONS Better safe than sorry, especially when “sorry” means vomiting, bloody diarrhea and bleeding from the eyes.

9. R.I.P., JOAN RIVERS Johnny Carson’s one-time top guest-host has died.


11. RAGGED ASS NEWS As far as I know, Ragged Ass Barbers men-only policy continues (someone let me know the second that changes, please). Interesting things we’ve learned from this controversy: Curves gym accepts male members (!!!) and Calgary barbershops happily give men’s-style haircuts to women. Also, Vanda  Schmockel’s been thinking about misogyny in culture. Oh! And a lot of Reginans are  apparently really threatened by words like “discrimination”.

BUT I’M A NICE GUY “I am afraid. I am afraid. I am afraid of women.” Here’s a video for not reason at all, la la la.

More here. (H/T Amy)

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

9 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Nice Guys”

  1. (1) Good for them; I hope they get results.
    (2) This situation illustrates how complicated the job of the police becomes in re: possible missing/murdered people. Sometimes the missing just don’t want to be found, and that muddies the investigative waters for genuine victims of foul play.
    (4) Image is a minor detail. If recruits from the diverse communities can’t be found — and significant numbers don’t want to be cops, for various reasons — then you’re left with what you have.
    (5) Well, in light of the history of this country, he could hardly say otherwise, could he?
    (7) That would be something to see.
    (8) Good for them. Student and staff safety is being taken seriously.
    (9) “Can we talk?” Alas, no longer.

  2. Stephen, not sure if you’re being really tongue in cheek or folding over too far backwards to defend Ragged Ass Barbers when you say they should “listen to their supporters”. You don’t really mean that, right? Right!?

    I don’t think I’ve seen a single one of their supporters say they were opposed to Ragged Ass Barbers actions, which is what dismays me the most.

    Their supporters are urging them to take this stand and validating their fears that they will be forced to convert their space to a perfumed salon and start having to intimately touch a bunch of transgenders. At best, some supporters are saying they should pinch their nose and pretend to respect her as briefly as possible until she goes away.

    So if Ragged Ass Barbers Regina truly listens to their supporters that means they’ll just continue their discriminatory behavior.

    I disagree with you offering speculative excuses and justifications on their behalf when they aren’t even willing to stand with you on these.

    They’ve had many chances and they’ve blown them. This isn’t a case of one ignorant employee doing something that could easily have been rectified by another employee or management. They broadcast their defiant policy and they practice it openly. When she was refused service, Evie tried reasoning with them and was shut down. She was given baseless excuses about one or more of the barbers having a religious objection, but no explanation for why one of the other barbers with no such religious conflict couldn’t do it. Then she was subjected to fear mongering about how cutting her hair would open the door to lesbians and other undesirables.

    Given this self-created mess, the owner had the chance to step up and declare a misunderstanding. He did not. Instead he did the opposite, reinforcing the bogus excuses of religion and tradition. He’s had days and days to do or say the right thing, but has not.

    Your editorial leniency for him seems to be based on second hand reports that he’s charming, and the nostalgia aspect of his business. Charm and money don’t excuse discriminatory practices, but they can sure can enable them. When you give him unearned free passes, it seems to undermine your editorial stance.

  3. From the ‘nice lady’ thread:

    “Once again, I hope Ragged Ass Barbers is listening hard to what a lot of their supporters are saying.” – Stephen Whitworth

    Personally I think the problem is that Ragged Ass Barbers is listening to their supporters creating a whole circular reinforcement situation.

  4. By the way, I don’t believe RABs has a “no-minors” policy, so it’s pretty weird that an 11-year-old boy is welcome into such a manly environment but a 37-year-old woman, for instance, is not.

  5. Thanks Reader. I re-read my comment. My point was that I hope RAB is listening to what their supporters are saying [because a lot of it is terrible and should convince them to change their policy].

    Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    My “editorial leniency” is based on what I thought were CREDIBLE secondhand reports that Ragged Ass Barbers is run by perfectly swell people. Obviously readers (and Reader) will form their own opinions on Ragged Ass Barbers.

  6. Obviously the line ups out the door every day before this story happened, followed by even longer lines now show that plenty of people have formed their own opinion. Stephen just disagrees with their opinion so they’re all dopey idiots.

  7. I think it’s great that a lot of people like Ragged Ass Barbers. It seems like a nice place. Hopefully RAB will stop discriminating against the occasional female customer looking for men’s-style haircuts soon, if they haven’t already. This shouldn’t be complicated, or a big deal.

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