daily-aggregation-21. RINGO STARR IN REGINA. “All I’ve got to do” is get tickets to see Ringo Starr at the Brandt Centre on Oct 14.

2. REGINA’S CHINATOWN LIKELY TO SEE GROWTH. With the Saskatchewan Immigrant Program set to reopen again Regina may see some new businesses, and maybe just, maybe some awesome Dim Sum.

3. DANGEROUS BIKER MISTAKENLY RELEASED FROM JAIL. Son of a Hell’s Angel’s boss was accidently released from prison in Quebec. He apparently just walked out. Umm… What?

4. INTERVIEW DEBACLE NOT OVER. North Korea is up in arms over a planned air-drop of the rather terrible movie The Interview saying that it would  be considered an act of war.

5. NO MORE QUEEN FOR BARBADOS. The island nation plans to out Queen Elizabeth as head of state in favour of a constitutional president by November 2016.

6. WOMEN AREN’T THE WORST DRIVERS. A new study shows that more men have died in collisions than women. So you can stop with the jokes now.

7. STUDENT PROTEST OVER TUITION.  Students at the U of S and across the country seem to have finally had enough of rising tuition costs. Wasn’t there supposed to be a tuition freeze?

8. FUTURE HACKERS AND CODERS. Moose Jaw’s Sacred Hart Community School is teaching kids grade 4-6 how to use code, launching the career of tomorrow’s industrious troublemakers and programmers.

9. TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ABOVE THE CLOUDS. A Russian plane flies to the arctic to let passengers see last week’s eclipse unobstructed.