daily-aggregation-21. STEPHEN HARPER’S CONSERVATIVES CONTINUE TO ATTACK SCIENTISTS AND SCIENCE “Steve Campana, known for his expertise on everything from great white sharks to porbeagles and Arctic trout, says the atmosphere working for the federal government is toxic.” More here. Saskatchewan voters helped elect this government. Is this what they wanted? A government that hates science?

2. ICYMI: CANADA BREAKS ITS ENVIRONMENTAL PROMISES The Harper Conservative government’s ridiculous greenhouse gas emissions targets might as well be non-existent. The story is from Friday but if the government can do nothing about global warming until 2030, I can link to a story published before a long weekend.

3. CANADA POST LAWSUIT BOLSTERED BY MAYORS A lawsuit charging that ending door-to-door mail delivery is unconstitutional gets some new support from Montreal.

4. WOMAN ATTACKED IN CATHEDRAL Happened on Sunday night. Doubly worrisome after a vicious sexual assault Saturday.

5. HOME INVADED IN GLADMER PARK Four masked assholes demand cash and prizes.

6. SHOES AND HEELS Apparently the Cannes Film Festival is barring women from red carpet screenings unless they’re wearing heels. Sexism!!!

7. HOCKEY THINGS OF INTEREST Canada won the World Hockey Championship and the Edmonton Oilers are apparently going to hire Todd McLellan as their new head coach. Bet this team does some damage next year.

8. HOCKEY THING THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS Washington state passed a law exempting WHL players from labour laws. Four teams in the state were under investigation for labour law violations; this should protect them for the time being. The underpaid, exploited players? Not so much.

A FINE FEATHERED FIEND This parrot has an evil plan and it clearly feels pretty good about that. Via Kottke.