Daily Aggregation: Mercer Vs. Scheer

daily-aggregation-21. PRELUDE TO BLOODSHED? Hong Kong stops talks with democracy protesters. We also have a Gwynne Dyer column on Hong Kong this issue.

2. SYRIA, ISIS AND UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES Thanks to the Western air attacks against the Islamic State, Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad has more ability to fight the rebels who want him out.

3. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE The Council of Canadians is challenging Conservative election laws in court. The organization says the June changes could result in thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands, of voters being turned away from polls.

4. HARPER GOVERNMENT USES EI MONEY TO PAD UPCOMING SURPLUS: BUDGET OFFICER Getting really sick of the trick of using Employment Insurance  money to sucker voters into believing a government is good with money. It’s just stealing from workers. This isn’t just a Conservative trick: the Liberals did it too. It’s evil no matter who does it.

5. THIS POLITICAL AD BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE CANADIAN PRESS The Conservatives ponder copyright law changes that would let political parties use news clippings and videos in political ads for free.

6. SASKATOON BUS STRIFE The University of Saskatchewan has launched its own bus service, sort of, for students and staff who can’t get to campus any other way. Meanwhile the city’s transit worker lockout continues. One thing that needs to be understood here is that buses are an goddamn essential service in a city, and lockouts (this is a management lockout, remember, NOT a strike) like this are absolutely devastating to citizens who rely on public transportation. Here’s the union position (more here) and here’s the city’s , for people who want to learn more.

LET THE WRONG ONE OUT A  teenager who has been charged with breaking and entering, theft and assault with a weapon was released from Regina remand. “Whoopsies!” say police, adding the 18-year-old isn’t a particular threat to the public.

BEHOLD THE IRIDIUM FLARE! An interesting sky event will give astronomers a reason to visit White City.

CONTRACT: INKED Kerry Joseph is officially back with the Roughriders.

FERGUSON COPS SUCK They’ve been harassing protesters since August.

WINNIPEG WAS SHITTY TO TANYA TAGAQ I think Winnipeg is a very racist place. Stories like this support my suspicion.

BETTER BIONICS New artificial arms restore some feeling to amputees. Very cool.

SCHEER FRUSTRATION Rick Mercer appears to not be a fan of the current speaker of the house. Huh.

More Mercer here.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Mercer Vs. Scheer”

  1. I reluctantly went to Boston Pizza about two months ago and besides a depressing, annoying magician and an irritable balloon animal guy I saw Andrew Scheer walk in dressed like a dad-slob and I’s just like, ladies and gentlemen the Speaker of the House.

  2. (1) That would be Hong Kong.
    (2) It was a mare’s nest to begin with, but now we’re in it, and we have to be alert about when to get out.
    (3) There is nothing wrong with being required to produce ID before voting. If people are that concerned, they should be taking steps to get the necessary ID.

  3. Like Leonard Cohen sings in The Old Revolution: “Into this furnace, I ask you now to venture…”

    “Alert” when to get out? First of all, if you justify getting in as a humanitarian mission, how do you save face if you leave before ISIS is eliminated. Second, Harper regime is neither smart now experienced, and everything he does is based on some cynical calculation anyway, so we’ll see what that calculation turns out to be.

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