daily-aggregation-21. NO DECENT PIZZA IN REGINA? Um, okay? Wait, no. Try Beer Bros. Blue Shroom, O’Hanlon’s Joe Fromaggio or the Artful Dodger’s Best Basil. I’m sure commentators will have other suggestions. That said, there’s always room for more great pizza. I’d love a Terroni, or a place that made great Chicago-style pizza.

2. STRIPPERS HAVE INFILTRATED REGINA! Citizen Harold Lutzer says, “I think we need to see a lot of this cleaned up in our city”. Meanwhile, some people are annoyed the city voted against the license application, which had been recommended for approval by city administration. The Leader-Post had a story here. L-P City Hall reporter Natascia Lypny says in the video that councillors told here they’ve never seen this level of community opposition. I don’t know which councillors told her that, but I respectfully suggest that any councillors who were around for the condo conversion era or the waste-water plant controversy who said this either have amnesia or are lying more lies than a legion of dirty lying liars lying on rugs.

3. A MAJOR CANADIAN CITY IS UNDER A BOIL WATER ADVISORY The water however might be fine. Read more here.

4. RED HOT CAVEMAN SEX An anatomically modern human skull found in an Israeli cave suggests things about stuff. Science stuff. Does that sound boring? Well, what if I told you this is a story of sweet, sexy homo sapien-on-Neanderthal action? Got your attention now?

5. HELLO CROW A rescued bird named Jet surprised staff and volunteers at a Manitoba wildlife centre when it asked “who’s outside”?.

6. THE CAT CAME BACK Bart was hit by a car and buried. He’s doing well.

7. DON’T GET EXOTIC PETS YOU AREN’T ABLE TO LOOK AFTER Irresponsible pet ownership is a sign of human shittiness.

8. A LAYTON IN MULCAIR’S CLOTHING? Thomas Walkom reviews the federal NDP’s election platform. I prefer reading about whether ideas are good rather than whether they’re good strategy, personally. Still a decent read.

9. THE UN-BLIZZARD New York wasn’t massacred by snow as expected, so hooray!

10. GREECE SAYS NOPE The new prime minister condemns forced austerity during a humanitarian catastrophe.

VIDEO: I’VE FOUND A POTENTIAL PARTNER FOR WOLF COP Facebook has belatedly alerted me to an important kickstarter thing. Behold.