daily-aggregation-21. MAYBE GAS PRICES NEED TO BE FEDERALLY REGULATED They went up across the country, and apparently the increase doesn’t make any sense. Oh well. If arbitrarily high/suspicious looking gas prices encourage people to drive less, that’s good.

2. SPEAKING OF GAS Saskatchewan’s GHG emmissions are through the goddamn roof. This isn’t just bad, it’s totally immoral. And yet, I’ll bet less than one per cent of Saskatchewan’s province gives a shit. There’s not going to be any rallies at the legislature, and support for the provincial government (which is robust) won’t go down. Would love to be proven wrong.

3. 160 PROFS AGREE The proposed changes to Canada’s election act are bad for democracy. More here.

4. SHE’S GONE BE RAINY The forecast is wet for a week. Hopefully this doesn’t turn to snow.


6. TODAY’S UKRAINE NEWS Russia scowls menacingly. In other Russia news, the country’s parliament has banned swearing in movies.

7. GETTING IT TOGETHER IN PALESTINE Hamas and Fatah have signed agreements to create a unity government in the West Bank and Gaza.

8. CHEATERS PROSPER The Roughriders exceeded the CFL’s salary cap last year by almost $18,000.

9. ARE THE REGINA PATS ABOUT TO BE SOLD? That would be interesting. You’d think a place like Regina should have a consistent winner along the lines of the Portland Winterhawks. There’s gotta be tons of money to be made by a great junior team here.

10. FALSE ALARMS Ninety-eight per cent of them are, apparently.

11. THIS WAS NO FALSE ALARM Big fire at a house on Halifax St. last night. The sirens woke be up. Glad no one was hurt.

12. ON THE ANTI-AFFIRMATIVE ACTION APOCALYPSE IN MICHIGAN What the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision means for the state’s universities.

13. ARE SMART ANIMALS PEOPLE TOO? Here’s a good, long read about efforts to give legal rights to intelligent animals. I cautiously don’t think this is an insane idea. There are some really intelligent creatures out there and standards for their treatment in captivity should be high.

14. SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME WITH DON CHERRY, MAYBE? Hockey Night In Canada’s Ron MacLean has apologized for, arguably, insinuating French Canadian referees are biased towards the Montreal Canadiens. CBC says he was misunderstood. I say that refs blow calls all the time, regardless of where they’re from, so everyone should settle down.

15. THE MULGA SNAKE KNOWS YOU’RE SLEEPING And it’s going to bite you. Well, if you live in Australia, anyway.

THE CUTEST FROG IN THE WORLD MIGHT BE THE CUTEST ANIMAL IN THE WORLD Just ridiculously adorable. Make sure you watch this with the sound on.