daily-aggregation-21. PREMIERS WRAP UP MEETING Read all about it.

2. NO COMMISSION John Gormley weighs in on the need, or lack of need, for an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal woman.

3. BRITAIN RAISES THREAT LEVEL The country says there’s a “severe” risk of a terrorist attack. Prime Minister David Cameron promises new laws, because I’m sure there aren’t enough already.

4. NATIONALIZE THE TELECOMS! Bell and Rogers both suck.

5. THE UKRAINE SITUATION Russian Bond Villain Vladimir Putin apparently said Ukrainian troops defending their borders are like Nazis? Okay.

6. CANADIAN PLANES TO LITHUANIA But will Putin be intimidated by six CF-18 fighters?

7. CANADA HAS A SURPLUS Great. Let’s spend it on social programs.

8. EVERYBODY LOVES WESTON Saskatchewan Roughrider players are happy to have the slotback back.

VIDEO: I AM YOUR GRANDMA She’s your grandma. Give her a hug.

(H/T Dakota)