Daily Aggregation: I Am Your Grandma

daily-aggregation-21. PREMIERS WRAP UP MEETING Read all about it.

2. NO COMMISSION John Gormley weighs in on the need, or lack of need, for an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal woman.

3. BRITAIN RAISES THREAT LEVEL The country says there’s a “severe” risk of a terrorist attack. Prime Minister David Cameron promises new laws, because I’m sure there aren’t enough already.

4. NATIONALIZE THE TELECOMS! Bell and Rogers both suck.

5. THE UKRAINE SITUATION Russian Bond Villain Vladimir Putin apparently said Ukrainian troops defending their borders are like Nazis? Okay.

6. CANADIAN PLANES TO LITHUANIA But will Putin be intimidated by six CF-18 fighters?

7. CANADA HAS A SURPLUS Great. Let’s spend it on social programs.

8. EVERYBODY LOVES WESTON Saskatchewan Roughrider players are happy to have the slotback back.

VIDEO: I AM YOUR GRANDMA She’s your grandma. Give her a hug.

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Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

6 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: I Am Your Grandma”

  1. Wow. Never thought I’d be saying this but I agree with Gormley.

    *looks up.

    And the sky is still up there.

  2. #2 – Nothing says an inquiry AND meaningful action are mutually exclusive. The Harper government, and the provincial and territorial governments, CAN and SHOULD take more action immediately. However, an inquiry — properly mandated and carried out — can bring even more understanding to the tragedy we continue to see with missing and murdered Aboriginal women. That understanding can lead to long-term solutions for what is most certainly a sociological phenomenon, despite the Prime Minister’s dismissal of such.

    As for Brad Wall’s supportive call for an inquiry — I see it as just another example of a clown who’s best skill is finding a parade and jumping out in front of it to make it appear he’s a leader! I’m having a difficult time finding much to show that Wall or his govt have acted to address this issue, or many others that are plaguing First Nations and Metis residents and communities in Saskatchewan (housing, poverty, employment, foster care). His sudden interest in an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women is laudable, I suppose, but puzzling.

    (Kat Szulga – I think you’re a wise woman, so you know what you need to do after agreeing with Gormley. Wash your mouth out with soap. Or maybe a couple of tequila shots followed by a beer is the better option!)

    (Barb Sailor – you might want to consider some soap or tequila and beer, too!)

    Happy weekend everyone! Let the Labour Day celebrations commence!

  3. I’m sure Gormley likes cheese, and maybe coffee. These are things we have in common. Question: Why would anyone be against an inquiry? Unless you’re an uber-douche like Stephen Harper?

  4. 1) Premier party all done!
    2) A commission inquiry would only be benefitial if it involved both missing/murdered men and women. Not this overblown focus on aboriginal women only.
    3) Britain isn’t that far from the action. Threat level it is.
    4) NO NO NO NO! No more talk of this gov’t public ownership BS! If a person truly has a legit complaint or issue with any Canadian telecom company, there are several choices. The BBB, CRTC, CCTS and if the province has one…an ombudsman!
    5) Time for Whitworth to train his small army of pet snakes to invade the Kremlin and strangle Putin in his sleep.
    6) No! He won’t be! Whitworth’s snakes! Maybe!
    7) No additional spending! Surplus should go back into paying off the national debt.
    8) Yay Dressler! Thanks for returning! A genuine player!

    That’s a creepy video! Very Lady Gaga like!

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