daily-aggregation-21. REGINA PENSION PLAN GETS NEW RULES Changes are happening.

2. WALL GOVERNMENT TO RAISE EDUCATION TAXES? Years ago the Sask Party government took tax-raising powers from school boards. Now it looks like they’ll have to take the blame for a tax increase. Oops?

3. ALLEGEDLY RAPEY HOCKEY PLAYERS There’s a case involving players on an Ontario junior team, who allegedly tweeted the hashtag #ConsentIsOverrated while attending a house party. Ugh.

4. ARE YOU WITH DEAR LEADER OR DO YOU SUPPORT TERRORISM? A Conservative MP from Winnipeg mails out an idiotic flyer. Then again, Conservative flyers have always been crude propaganda for angry suckers.

5. SPEAKING OF TERRORISM Looks like a Toronto plot was foiled even without Stephen Harper’s secret police laws.

6. A FATWA I CAN GET BEHIND Really. That was fun to type.

7. McDONALD’S LAWSUIT AGAINST SEATTLE TO KEEP WAGES LOW CONTINUES What a bunch of McFuckers. We have a great background story on Seattle’s $15 minimum wage here if you’d like to learn more.

8. THE NEW Q The popular CBC radio show’s new permanent host is Shad.

9. IRAN’S GOVERNMENT SAYS WOMEN ARE FOR MAKING BABIES Bleccch. I think Iran might win the prize for coolest citizens living under a terrible government.

VIDEO: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS MOVIE Sounds like a few dozen people were, though. I want Jaden Pfeiffer to do a Talkies on this.