Daily Aggregation: How To Talk To Women

daily-aggregation-21. MORE CANADIANS ARE STRUGGLING BECAUSE THEY DON’T MAKE ENOUGH MONEY Story here. The problems: “Subdued real wage growth and muted hiring have kept a lid on earnings. Meanwhile, house prices continue to climb and inflation has ticked above the 2-per-cent mark for four months in a row.” And, if you rent in Regina, you might be more desperate because you now pay waaay more than you did five years ago.

2. TUITION: RIGHT THE FUCK OUT OF CONTROL The average university tuition in Canada will be pushing eight grand a year by fall 2017. Another reason why Canadians are struggling financially.

3. HERE WE GO AGAIN? U.S. President Barack Obama is going on teevee to explain why the U.S. is about to attack Iraq again. But this time, no soldiers! Riiiiight. Sarcasm aside, the country has a moral obligation to try to do something, since the United States wrecked Iraq when they invaded on false pretenses (and why aren’t Bush and Cheney in jail?). As for Canadian involvement, well, we’re involved, but it’s not totally clear how involved.

4. THOSE GLASSHOLES Regina’s private sector recycling contractor has been sending recyclable glass to landfills instead of recycling it.


6. BC TEACHERS STRIKE CONTINUES, THINGS TO HAPPEN Read about those things here. I wonder who’s more likely to be unreasonable: teachers or politicians? Hmmm, tough one (not really).

7. “HELP! HELP! I’M BEING OPPRESSED!” Some dude who owns four McDonald’s franchises calls for government to help him hire vulnerable foreign employees, oh I don’t know, possibly to keep his labour costs down, hmmm? Anyway, he wants Albertans to stand with him. Funny how business dudes love the free market when it works in their favour but want government intervention the second there’s a labour shortage that increases their costs.

8. ROB FORD’S FORMER TOP ADVISER, WHO WAS FIRED BY ROB FORD, WRITES A BOOK ABOUT ROB FORD It will be out this fall, maybe before the Oct. 27 Mayoral election, maybe after.

9. TEENS SHOULDN’T SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY It’s linked to problems. In other pot news, guess who hates weed and kills people?

10. BACK PAIN DURING SEX? Yeah, you’re gonna click this link, aren’t you? Dirty little monkey. Anyway: swing with the hips, not the spine.

11. IT’S INTERNET SLOWDOWN DAY, HOORAY? The Internet protests idiotic U.S. ideas about how the Internet should change itself to favour huge telecom corporations.

12. “NUDE MAN BITES POLICE DOG AFTER WILD CAR CHASE” CBC has the headline of the day.

HERE ARE SOME THINGS NOT TO SAY TO WOMEN You could watch this and practice not saying them! You could!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: How To Talk To Women”

  1. 6) Hmmm, the current political party in power in B.C. is Liberal right? Well we know WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR in the next federal election eh?

  2. (4) This happened several years ago too, under another contractor. Media broke the news, and then the glass began to be stockpiled at the landfill, instead of being dumped. The basic problem, then and now, is the market for recycled glass. That said, if a recycler can’t handle certain items because of market problems, then (s)he’s obliged to tell the public so up front, and further obliged NOT TO BILL FOR A NON-EXISTENT SERVICE.
    The actions of the city official responsible for oversight of recycling services, as reported by the CBC, are also deeply disappointing.

  3. (6) If the dispute in BC between teachers and government shows anything, it’s that there’s a place for local negotiations, as opposed to everything being done province-wide.
    By the way, there’s a lot of good material on the issues on the Tyee website.

  4. 1. Of course we’re struggling, because the greedy shitheads aren’t distributing profits and wages fairly. I guess you can always get a second job at Walmart you lazy bastard.

  5. shitheads Shitheads SHITHEADS!!!

    No other word for the greedy shitheads who siphon off all the profit for themselves and shareholders. Oh, just “doing what they’re paid to do,” like economic Nazis.

  6. Sheesh, cool it with the Nazi talk, would you?

    Anyway, wouldn’t it be nice if the City of Regina had its own recycling plant? They probably wouldn’t be dealing with this nonsense if they did. And why don’t they, anyway? Why line someone else’s pocket (for bad service which, by the way, takes that money out of province) when we could be lining our own?

  7. 1) Talbot, you need to relax man. People are living paycheck to paycheck? Live within your means people. The average new house now is 1500 sq. ft. where 30-40 yrs. ago it was more like 1000. Do we really need new cars and trucks? Jeez my car is a 1992, because I cant afford a new one. Suck it up people, if ya can`t afford it, don’t buy it!!

  8. Indy500 – The Liberals in BC have very little in common with the Liberals federally. I lived there for several years and their policies have considerably more in common with the Federal Conservatives. The provincial Conservatives in BC are almost non-existence. It is completely unfair to draw parallels between the BC Liberals and the federal Liberals.

    As for people living beyond their means, there is some of this going on, but there is a large group of people who simply do not have the means to live in the current system. Telling people to “suck it up” simplifies and minimizes the larger issues of growing inequality and injustice.

  9. Indy: High Canadian household debt props up the economy. If Canadians stop buying things they can’t afford we’ll plunge into recession. Please stop attacking business and hating capitalism.

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