“Daily” Aggregation: Happy International Women’s Day

daily-aggregation1. WHO WANTS SOME DEMOCRACY? The Saskatchewan election campaign officially starts today. Here’s coverage in the Leader-Post, CTV and CJME.

2. SYMPATHY FOR THE TRUMPERS The author of What’s The Matter With Kansas and the new Listen, Liberal says the defining quality of Trump supporters might just be how they hate free trade — which takes well-paid blue-collar jobs in North America and turns them into crap jobs in other countries. And you thought they were just a pack of ignorant, xenophobic, deranged goons.

3. THE DOOMED MILLENNIALS “It is likely to be the first time in industrialised history, save for periods of war or natural disaster, that the incomes of young adults have fallen so far when compared with the rest of society.” Yikes.

4. SNAPSHOT OF AN EX-INDUSTRY A former film industry worker puts together an anecdotal picture of a down-and-out Saskatchewan film industry, which the Brad Wall government clobbered in 2012. You can read Prairie Dog’s original coverage on the debacle here and here.

5. CLIMATE CHANGE: GOOD FOR SSSOMETHING Canada could get more snake species! Um, some of them might be a teeny-weenie bit venomous. Big deal, you’re not gonna get bitten. Besides, although the article doesn’t mention it, timber rattlesnakes used to live in Ontario before asshole humans wiped ’em out.

6. ATILLA THE BUN BINKY MASTER JAZZ PAWS A big-ass rabbit gets a home.

7. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY The Globe And Mail has observations from nine women and one man, the Guardian has like a billion articles on various IWD topics, BBC has a feature on the hidden meanings of depictions of women and Prairie Dog — hey, that’s us! — has an IWD round table and a feature on the 100th anniversary of Saskatchewan suffrage that somehow does NOT make a “suffrage succotash” joke (apologies to Loony Tunes fans reading this; we failed). Meanwhile The Toronto Star has a horrific Associated Press story about a teenager who was raped and set on fire in a village near New Delhi, India, in case anyone needed a reminder that men continue to attack women in this world and we need to make some changes as a fucking species.

VIDEO! Google has made a swell International Women’s Day video. Here it is for all you Bing and Altavista users:

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

4 thoughts on ““Daily” Aggregation: Happy International Women’s Day”

  1. (1) Looking forward to a much shorter campaign.

    (2) It’s a measure of how much alienation is out there that the US public, historically deeply distrustful of Wall Street, is now looking for salvation from a guy who is Wall Street down to his shoetops.

    (7) For heaven’s sake, it’s “suffrage”.

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