1 ORGANIC MOLECULES ON COMETS! Cool.daily-aggregation-2

2 BADNESS IS ISRAEL Five people dead. Revenge imminent I’m sure.

3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARGARET ATWOOD! An awesome Canadian turns 75.

4 THE PRINCE ALBERT RAIDERS HAVE A STUPID NEW MASCOT Who thought this up? Are they insane?

5 GIMME SHELTER The season where homelessness kills people is upon us.

6 THE GAP BETWEEN RICH AND THE REST HAS CLOSED Well, not in Saskatchewan. And probably not if you look at the top .01 per cent, as opposed the the top one per cent, which includes people making less than $300,000. I mean, don’t get me wrong — I’d be pretty darn happy with $300 thousand a year. But it’s arguably not a totally obscene income. Arguably. Anyway, I guess it’s nice that “the total income portion of the bottom 99 per cent increased for the first time since 1982.” And more women at the top! Hooray!

VIDEO: AUUUGGGH! That’s what I think. What do YOU think of the trailer for the Peanuts movie?