daily-aggregation-21. THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA IS FALLING APART Not good. Quick–someone cut taxes to stimulate the economy so we can afford to maintain public infrastructure.

2. REGINA REFUGEE RALLY Read all about it. Also, Justin Trudeau says Canada can take in more Syrians, Stephen Harper fiddles while Syrians drown, the European commission talks about taking in more refugees and a right-wing Hungarian camerawoman kicks refugee children. If she lived in Canada she’d vote Conservative. That’s what Conservatives attract.

3. DID CLIMATE CHANGE DESTABILIZE SYRIA? Yup. Here’s how in comic form.

4. CALGARIANS BILLED FOR TOXIC GAS STATION SPILL Gross. Ahhh, Capitalism: keep on privatizing those profits and sticking the public with bills.

5. BACK TO STABBY Wasn’t the best first day of school in Toronto as a 19-year-old was stabbed yesterday afternoon. The victim has been arrested. Yes, the victim — that’s not a typo.

6. CONSERVATIVES GET MEAN Murray Mandryk on Conservative heartlessness. Wonder if the Leader-Post will endorse Harper as usual this election?

7. LONG SHE DONE REIGN As of about an hour ago, Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest-ruling monarch at 63 years and seven months, passing Queen Victoria. I’ll always remember the time she took over Canadian airwaves after her son Edward pranked her with a fake newspaper.