Daily Aggregation: Frank

daily-aggregation-21. HUUUUUGE WIN FOR FIRST NATIONS A British Columbia nation has won the title to 1,700 square kilometres of land in interior BC.  More here. Here in Saskatchewan, FSIN Chief Perry Bellegarde responds to the unanimous Supreme Court decision. Incidentally, this follows on the heels of a Vancouver city council declaration that Vancouver is built on un-ceded indigenous land.


3. PETER MACKAY’S WIFE DEFENDS PETER MACKAY’S SEXIST ATTITUDES In case you missed it, Canada’s minister is in trouble for sending Mother’s and Father’s Day cards that clearly indicate he sees men as leaders and women as mothers. Now, after being amusingly dragged into this mess yesterday, she’s come to MacKay’s defence.

Also, I don’t know why anyone is surprised by MacKay’s sexism debacle. This is the federal government that cancelled a national daycare program and has a diehard core of anti-choice politicians and supporters. It’s fair to say they have mixed feelings about women in the workforce.

Also: “anti-Conservative media”? That’s pretty fucking rich given the Harper government’s anti-media actions over the years.

4. IT’S NOT EXACTLY BREAKING NEWS, BUT The reason we had–HAD–a gun registry in this country is because men shoot women. The federal Conservatives killed the gun registry. They do NOT, as a group, value women’s equality. I’m always puzzled when women anywhere support this political party.

5. MEANWHILE IN WOMEN-HATING ‘MERICA That country’s conservative-dominated Supreme Court has ruled that the protest buffer zones that make it harder for so-called “Christian” busybodies to harass women going into abortion clinics are unconstitutional. More here. Ironically, the Supreme Court has a protest buffer zone of its own. Hopefully, that buffer zone will be invaded by tens of thousands of women in the near future.


7. IN CASE YOU NEED ANOTHER REMINDER Regina’s civic leadership is firmly committed murdering a heritage building. What an embarrassment to this city.

8. MURDERER IS WRONG I’m so, so tired of Islamic extremists. Probably not nearly as tired as most Muslims.

9. THE U.S. IS FINALLY MOVING AWAY FROM USING ANTI-PERSONNEL LANDMINES an unexpected yet pleasing development!

10. FORMER SASKTEL EXECUTIVE CHARGED WITH FRAUD We’re talking about a hair over $2 grand for a cellphone, so to be honest, this sounds like the kind of thing that might be an honest mistake. Or maybe not. That’s why we have courts! Regardless, tsk tsk.

11. HEY, SHIA LaBEOUF WAS ARRESTED For smoking and being slappy.

VIDEO! Here’s the trailer for a fun-looking movie. You watch this now!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees.

6 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Frank”

  1. (1) As real estate is Vancouver’s favourite sport/discussion topic, this ought to make life there more interesting.
    (2) Wascana Creek, not Wascana Lake.
    (4) Odd as it may seem, men shoot men, as well.
    (5) As both buffer zones were apparently legislated because of threats of physical harm (murders of workers, in the one case), it’ll be a challenge to state and federal lawmakers to protect both lives and principles in the wake of this decision.
    (6) Good.
    (8) Your second sentence is debatable. Stephen, If such weariness were the case, there would be no recruits for the forces of extremism, including from this country.
    ( 9) ALL world powers should sign the convention, destroy stockpiles, and take part in operations to clean up mined areas around the world.

  2. 2) Is this soup, being unleashed before Canada day? I don’t need to be That close to the fireworks.

  3. I’m surprised the Prairie Dog didn’t include this crazy police chase which happened in Saskatoon earlier this week. Big stolen truck, 2 police cruisers damaged, 8 shots fired, several damaged vehicles before the sicko excon was taken down by a police dog.


    1) This can be seen as a good thing, but what about for companies or non aboriginal residents already on that land?
    2) Lots of rain isn’t giving the city much choice now, is it?
    3) Nothing further can be gained when a minister’s wife steps into the media with her own opinion.
    4) And women shoot men and other women as well. Even teens too. Whitworth’s logic is way off base on this one. The long gun registry was dismantled because it was badly run, badly designed, costly and biased against non-criminal gun owners. Not because it devalues women’s equality & rights. That’s stretching it.
    6) Only way to force change with any big company like walmart is to hit their bottom line.
    7) Closing down a century old school building doesn’t constitute as murder. Murder relates to the killing of a live being, not an inanimate structure. Once again, Whitworth stretches it.
    8) If truly loving and caring Muslims are tired of the extremists ruining their religion, then why are they still letting it happen in their own neighborhoods?
    9) Good move for the USA getting away from land mines.
    10) Can’t have crooks in a crown corp. Bad for public image.
    11) Shia must be acting out because he isn’t starring in the 4th Transformer’s movie.

  4. (1) Apparently, MB, private ownership of the land in question isn’t affected. How? Search me, but that’s what the legal eagles say.
    (2) The new “R” word around here is RAIN.
    (4) Ditto.
    (6), (7), (8), (9) Yes.

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