Daily Aggregation: Food, Crashes and Raffi

daily-aggregation-21. GERMANWINGS CRASH WAS DELIBERATE. It is a sad day when 150 people die in a plane crash, it is even worse when it was done intentionally.

2. ONE STEP CLOSER TO PROHIBITION. The Saskatchewan government has changed its mind, again. This time repealing the law that says alcohol can be served in strip clubs, because the people who go there want to be sober.

3. MASSAGE PARLOURS ARE INDECENT. Premier Brad Wall says massage parlours are a hotbed of human trafficking in Saskatchewan, or at least potentially. That means they aren’t just a place where people go to relax?

4. HOT KITCHEN POT CAUSES TROUBLE. A pot left in the oven caused Souls Harbour to be evacuated because someone forgot they not only left the oven on but that there was something in it. Luckily everyone is alright.

5. CHICKEN RECALL, AGAIN. It seems that the people who make our food has let a contaminated batch slip through. This feels a bit like Deja Vu, anyone else?

6. MORE MONEY FOR NASA TELESCOPE. Canada is going to spend an extra $2.6 million on top of the already given $160 million on the James Webb Space Telescope. It’ll probably have ‘Canada’ written across it just like the arm did.

7. RAFFI IS STILL AROUND. Not only is he around but still a strong advocate for children and their rights, even after being a child entertainer since the 70s.

8. ACCUSED TERRORIST WORRIED ABOUT CAT. An accused terrorist took the well-being of his cat into consideration while making his plans. At least he wasn’t just going to leave another poor cat in the street in his bombing plans.

9. “BRONCO BUSTER” CAUGHT AT THE CANADIAN BORDER. ¬†The store owner of a Seattle antique shop praised the two thieves walking out of a store with a 60 centimeter-tall, that is nearly 2 feet, bronze cowboy statue¬†before realizing the theft.

10. WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT: PEANUT BUTTER CUP. The Candy Factory in Hollywood made a 400 pound peanut butter cup in a kiddie pool.


Author: Megan Roth

Megan was found in a pumpkin patch, or so she was led to believe. She leaves a wake of havoc and mischief where ever she goes. She believes that her Hogwarts letter was simply lost. When she grows up she wants to be tall, but doesn't see that happening anytime soon.

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  1. Wait — Raffi has been a child since the 70s? Even with a full beard? That’s pretty impressive.

  2. 2) Just great! Back to old NDP thinking for the Sask. Party. Its no wonder my grandparents always voted CCF and NDP back in the day. Say, wasn’t Tommy Douglas a United Church minister at one time? See the connection?

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