daily-aggregation-21. ELECTION DAY IN QUEBEC CBC has a news hub here. And here’s John Conway’s column in the latest Prairie Dog.


3. TODAY’S “STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION ACT” NEWS The legislation that the Conservative government has justified with untrue stories of election fraud would have  a large new role  for Canada’s public prosecutor. Unfortunately this was decided without consulting the director of public prosecution.

4. CONSERVATIVE FAMILY VALUES Canada’s justice minister really wants spouses to testify against each other. He says it’s necessary. I suspect he’s just a fan of emotional confrontations. Probably a big Judge Judy fan.

5. CANADIAN JOURNALIST STILL IN JAIL IN EGYPT One hundred days and counting.

6. PARKING PRICES DOUBLE DOWNTOWN AnnOYYYYing. Mainly because transit isn’t where it needs to be for people to easily bus their way downtown.

7. DEVELOPERS SUE THE CITY Dundee Homes says it wasn’t properly reimbursed for work done in Harbour Landing.

8. DOYLE STEPS DOWN The well-compensated Potash  executive is retiring. I’ll remember him for the not-at-all self-serving comments that he, a ludicrously wealthy man, made about Saskatchewan’s “philosophy of failure” and “envy”. Others might remember him for laying-off workers.

9. MUCH ADO ABOUT SOME PINGS The search for the wreckage of Malaysian flight MH370 has a promising lead, apparently. More here and here.

10. ROB FORD: AT IT AGAIN I desperately hope he yelled “Don’t you know who I am?” during this incident.

REST IN PEACE, MICKEY ROONEY The Hollywood star has died at the age of 93. I knew him best as Santa Claus in the old Rankin Bass Christmas classics. Here’s Rooney singing a song from Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.