daily-aggregation-21. COUNTDOWN TO NEW ANTI-TERRORISM LEGISLATION The Conservatives will bring in new so-called anti-terrorism legislation tomorrow. Will it be awesome and save Canadians from Islamic State nutjobs? Will it be useless, like the anti-spam legislation that doesn’t keep spam out of my in-box? Will it be an attempt to criminalize ideas and opinions this government doesn’t like, in much the way the Canada Revenue Agency only seems to audit charities for political activities Stephen Harper doesn’t like? Prediction: no, yes and probably. What else would you expect from a government that says mass surveillance is just peachy?

2. BRING ON THE FIRST NATIONS VOTERS If more First Nations people vote they could change election outcomes in Saskatchewan for the better.

3. SUICIDAL SOLITARY SITUATIONS Canada corrections investigator is concerned about reforms to the way solitary confinement is used in Canada, so he’s written a letter to the Harper government. But with cuts to Canada Post, who knows when that will show up.


5. LOW-RISK OFFENDER FACILITY CLOSES The NDP says that’s almost certainly correctly, that this is a terrible idea.

6. THE LOONY SUCKS Slurp slurp.


8. MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION ON MR. HOCKEY Gordie Howe gets shot-up with Tijuana stem cells. (Warning: when you click the link, a video will rudely play automatically because Postmedia business goofs are short-sighted fuckwits who think that making the Internet suck is good for business.)

9. WELL, JORGE, THE GUARDIAN LIKED INHERENT VICE The best English language newspaper in the world joins armchair critics Aidan Morgan and Stephen Whitworth to challenge the tyranny of Castillo’s wrong opinion on a movie. Take THAT, Jorge.

VIDEO: BABY OCTOPUS STROLL Thanks to Charles Atlas Sheppard for sharing this on Facebook, alerting me to it.  Whoops, just noticed that you’re supposed to get permission to use this video. Not gonna. So, I guess we need a different one. How about this?

You can see the original video here.

Also: I’m sorry Priscilla pooped on you the other night, Charles.