Daily Aggregation Double-Shot Featuring Friday Afternoon Kitty!

daily-aggregation-21. THE EVIL HAS LANDED Peter LaBarbera of the crackpot organization/designated hate group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has, after initially being blocked from entering Canada, been permitted to bring his abominable, crazy and anachronistic ideas into our country. Yes, LaBarbera will speak at a crackpot, fundamentalist Christian convention in Weyburn this weekend. He wants a “civil debate” about stripping rights away from people because he has a religious objection to their sexual orientation. Uh huh. You know what? I’m okay with this. While the initial decision to bar LaBarbera’s entry is defensible on the grounds that his insane, unfactual ideas promote hatred against and discrimination toward an identifiable minority group that has been and still is targeted for violence, it’s kind of great for sane people to be able to see just how loony the conservative religious extremist, antigay and anti-abortion really movements are. By all means, give the anal-sex-obsessed conservative the microphone and let him hang himself. At this point in history, the LGBT movement and its allies (ahem!) are strong enough to counter such stupidity.

Might be more on the blog on this topic this weekend.

2. STANDARDIZED TESTING IS DEAD, DEAD, DEAD The Saskatchewan government listened to critics who brought their expertise to bear against this plan. Good for the government! [salutes]

3. “GIVE UKRAINE MONEY”: U.S.A. What it says.

4. A STATE FUNERAL FOR JIM FLAHERTY Story here. Read some compassionate thoughts on Flaherty and his legacy by people who think his politics stunk here and here. Though he was probably among the best of a bad lot in our horrible federal government, I’ll let the bankers and Bay Streeters mourn him. I’m busy sympathizing with the 600 CBCers who’ll lose their jobs thanks to his 2012 budget.

5. FRESH ‘N’ SWEET TELEVISION A well-reviewed downtown awesomesauce restaurant is on the Food Network tonight!

6. RYAN SMYTH RETIRES A beloved, awesome NHLer and a real old-time hockey lunk (in a good way) hangs up the skates.


FRIDAY AFTERNOON KITTY: BANECAT WILL BREAK YOU! Have a great weekend! Don’t be an ignorant bigot!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

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  1. I think Mitchell would have said Bane Cat is very cute but that doesn’t change the fact that Dark Knight Rises was a load of poo.

  2. “By all means, give the anal-sex-obsessed conservative the microphone and let him hang himself. At this point in history, the LGBT movement and its allies (ahem!) are strong enough to counter such stupidity.”

    Yes. This is what free speech is about– not to silence whose opinions you disagree with, but to expose them to the light of reason so everyone can see (in this case) just how ludicrous they are.

  3. Please edit this post. It’s so full of grammatical errors. Take the advice all your English profs gave you and let someone else read it before you publish it.

  4. “Poo”? W.O. would never have said “poo”, when a good earthy alternative would do.

  5. Paul or Greg: please edit all the grammatical errors in my post. All my old English profs are weeping and I won’t be near a computer for hours.

    (This comment submitted via iPhone while I was in the bathtub)

  6. Free speech is not defined as speech you agreed with. The guy is a nutter but let him speak!

  7. Brian: Like the post says, he’s getting his chance.

    But while we’re on the subject, even if immigration hadn’t changed their mind and he’d been kept out of the country, no one’s freedom of speech would have been infringed upon.

    The religio-facists in Weyburn would still get to say whatever caustic, anti-gay crud they want. And LaBarbera would have been able to continue to spread hate and bile in his country and on the internet. Heck, he could’ve Skyped into the conference and said his peace that way.

    In this case, the original decision wasn’t to silence anybody in Weyburn but rather to deny LaBarbera entry to Canada. And entering Canada is not something that every American is entitled to do.

    Entry into our country isn’t a right unless you have a Canadian passport. It’s a courtesy we extend to people from other countries. And if the officials at immigration say, “You know, the toxic sludge you’re planning to spew out of your cake hole while you’re here is probably going to run afoul of some legislation we have about hate speech and we really don’t want to deal with that, so here, have a return ticket,” that’s a call they’re empowered to make.

    Had that decision stood, I think it would have been a mistake. And again, not because anyone’s freedom of speech had been interfered with — the state would have in no way used its powers improperly to silence its citizens. But I’d have felt it was a mistake because it would deprive people of a chance to be reminded that the hardliners in the anti-choice movement don’t just hate women and freedom, they also hate the entire LGBTQ community and anyone else who doesn’t conform to the rigid limits they’d like to see imposed upon sexual activity.

    That said, if it hadn’t been for the work of Intolerance Free Weyburn and the national coverage they attracted by pushing for the ban on LaBarbera’s entry into Canada, that light would never have been shone on those anti-choice cockroaches.

    To sum up: what happened was some creeps in Weyburn invited a toxic hate monger into Canada (as is their right), an activist group in Weyburn pushed immigration to not allow him entry (as is their right), immigration in one airport agreed and sent him packing (as they’re empowered to do), some trolls on the internet and in the Conservative media screamed bloody murder (as is their right, as annoying as they may be), immigration changed its mind (as they’re empowered to do) and let the hate monger into the country so he could monger him some hate in Weyburn and meanwhile, the national media and the rest of the internet pointed and sneered (just as they should) at the intolerant bigots in Weyburn who want to pal around with the bastard.

    So, in the end, everybody was doing their job and everything has worked out just fine.

  8. 1) I actually agree with you “Witty”worth. Let La man do his spiel and let the people decide for themselves what they think of it. IMHO, both sides are morons. The Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association should have used a SKYPE conference with him instead of direct invitation to attend. And the Intolerance-Free Weyburn group shouldn’t have interfered in his right to speak in the first place. Either way, it doesn’t matter now as it is done and over with since april 12.
    2) GOOD!
    3) No throwing money to an unstable region.
    4) I get not everyone (including Whitworth) didn’t liked Jim Flaherty’s budgets, but he’s human like the rest of us. Managing Canada’s finances is a tough job. Having a disabled son made him more relatable along with compassion. He had good qualities and insight that made him right for the job of Finance Minister. So let’s not play any more politics with him.
    5) MMMMMMM!
    7) Deny! Deny! Deny! Let BANEKITTY face the deniers.

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