Daily Aggregation: Don’t Eat Bats

daily-aggregation-21. SCHOOL’S OUT FOREVER Regina’s school board voted to close Connaught and bus local kids out of the neighbourhood. Does anyone believe this wasn’t their desire all along? Here’s what local parent and business owner Niall O’Hanlon wrote on Facebook: “I knew the day that the “temporary options” were presented to us you had already selected Wascana as the option, as this was the cheapest and easiest for you; however, you decided to pretend to be listening as that is what is expected of public officials.”

Pretty sure Niall’s not the only person saying this. Aside from trustees Carla Beck and Kathleen O’Reilly, public trust in this board is not likely to be high. Well, I’m sure some Sask Party hacks love ’em.

That school has needed work for years and the board let it decay. This reeks of implementing controversial public policy by deliberate, targeted neglect. This is an amazing, one-hundred-year-old school building. If board chair Katherine Gagne and her band of merry menaces lived in Europe, they’d be fighting to bulldoze every beloved neighbourhood heritage landmark in sight.

Anyway, here’s the story in the Leader-Post, on CJME and on our blog. Greg was at the meeting and he might have something later, too.

Board members are welcome to insist they don’t really hate heritage architecture in the comments below.

2. NOT IN MY BACKYARD Regina Regina-ish apartment haters be hatin‘.

3. FEDS REACH AGREEMENT WITH UNIONS Read all about it. Hell is probably very cold today.

4. LIES, DAMNED LIES, AND KIJIJI The Globe and Mail has a pretty interesting story on how online job postings screwed up the government’s job statistics. There’s an element of the usual “the Conservatives are bad with facts and reality” story here, but it’s an interesting read beyond that. Commentator Brad will like it. One more important detail: buried near the bottom of the story is the alarming information that in general, high income Canadians are the only Canadians earning more these days. That’s not fair, or right, or good for the economy.

5. A CONSERVATIVE MP PLANS TO INTRODUCE A RIGHT TO DIE BILL Winnipeg MP (also my dad’s MP) Steven Fletcher says he’ll introduce legislation. His party is opposed.  I think it’s fucking barbaric to force people to live in suffering against their will, so good for Fletcher. But. I’m also once again irritated by the tendency of conservative people to only challenge the party line when issues touch their lives. Steven Fletcher is a quadriplegic, and I have no doubt that experience has given him valuable insight into the importance of practical, strictly-regulated and compassionate end-of-life legislation. That’s reasonable. But why do conservatives always seem to need personal experience to understand something? See also: mental illness, abortion rights, social programs, poverty, science, etc.

6. RUSSIA: MORE SANCTIONS AND A  SEX BOYCOTT The G8 meeting in Russia was cancelled, the West discusses more sanctions and Ukrainian women advocate against sexual relations with Russians.


8. FLIGHT MH370: THE SEARCH CONTINUES Satellites might have spotted some debris.

9. “AT SUCH A TENDER YOUNG AGE, WITH HER EYES STILL CLOSED, SPRINKLES WAS IN A DELICATE CONDITION” I dare you to not click on this link. I double-dog dare you.

10. AVOID THESE THREE SIMPLE FOODS TO CONQUER EBOLA Bats, rats and monkeys: don’t eat ’em. Why would you want to anyway? Look at this thing.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

10 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Don’t Eat Bats”

  1. “Board members are welcome to insist they don’t really hate heritage architecture in the comments below.”

    Oh I almost spit out my coffee while reading that line in laughter. Thanks!

    Your point about ” This reeks of implementing controversial public policy by deliberate, targeted neglect” is correct, but it wasn’t the board, but rather the provinical government who hasn’t been keeping up the cash to keep buildings in shape. Did anyone else read that recent story about only keeping a top 10 list of schools that are getting funding next…instead of the over 100+ requests. Oh, and enrollment now plays a part in who gets the money. Poor thought out policy indeed.

  2. I’d like to point out that Wascana School has strong First Nations representation in its population, and has had for years. I sincerely hope that some Connaught parents, who have been very vocal about not sending their children to Wascana, think carefully about how their statements may be received.

  3. Boycott anything from Denmark. Those “zoologists”, are just a F’d up as the animal poachers in Africa, and the Shithead Sk farmer that shot a St. Bernard puppy.

    If I had many rocket launchers…

  4. 1. Now that this is a “done deal”, I’d like to see Connaught Dismantled, Not tipped over.

    There is a lot of building material that can be salvaged from the existing building. Stone work especially.

    That old school on Toronto st. was pretty nice but it all ended up in the landfill.

    Recycle / Re-use is great in theroy, but useless if you don’t Practice those principles.

    Dieppe school could use some children too, the playground there is lonely.

  5. It’s TIME, Ladies and Gentlemen, to MARCH AGAINST CORRUPTION!! This kind of thing needs to stop. We need to stand up for our rights. We need to demonstrate that we do not want to see our tax dollars wasted like this. Continually catering to the construction and development industry is getting us nowhere but further into debt at the cost of heritage. It’s getting the rich richer, the former-poor filthy-rich (illegally), and is pitting taxpayers against each other.

    JOIN US REGINA – In front of City Hall on Monday, March 31, 2014 at HIGH NOON!!! You, too, can stand for what you believe in, and DEMAND that your tax dollars are respected at every level of government in our great City.

    Find out more at chad4regina.com!!!

  6. Tim,

    “it wasn’t the board, but rather the provincial government who hasn’t been keeping up the cash to keep buildings in shape.”

    up until recently (about 2009) the local school boards used to have the power to set their own tax rates. A century or so!, since the province’s foundation, there were locally-elected, locally-taxing, representatives, and your argument seems to me to be impossible.

    I suggest it’s arguable that the Regina Board of Education had chosen to ignore simple and deserved preventive maintenance work for decades. Most other buildings from that architect Puntin are still standing well and beautiful — why does it seem the ones delivered to RBE are the primary exceptions?

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