daily-aggregation-21. Dinosaur once again a dinosaur. After roughly 100 years scientists have decided the “thunder lizard”, the Brontosaurus is its own species of dinosaur. Maybe the next big discovery will be Pluto actually is a planet.

2. Chilling children’s show set to return. After 14 years without a “Teletubbies” induced nightmare, the terrifying creatures, whatever they were, will be returning to T.V. The BBC has yet to release an apology to parents everywhere.

3. You got some splainin’ to do. The hometown of Lucille Ball has no love lost on the rather creepy statue of the comedian. That statue looks like a unnatural love child of Lucy and some soul stealing demon.

4. App lets you explore history. An app in development allows you to explore the history of an area. Maybe you can find out if your home was a speakeasy in the 1920’s or something you can use to prattle on to your neighbours about.

5. Man pleads not guilty to road rage. Accused of assaulting a couple with a chainsaw while in an intense fit of road rage, the accused pleads not guilty. Who even keeps a chainsaw ready to go in their car, let alone brandishing it as a weapon?

6. Benefits for having children. Other than having a loving family and all that, you can also get some tax benefits and deductions. Best get working on that family so tax season is a bit better for you.

7. A small fortune for a song. An unknown buyer bought Don McLean’s manuscript for a staggering $1.2 million presumably to find insight on what the song is actually about. Or maybe he or she is just lost in space.

8. Thirty Meter Telescope. Canada is going to pay, or I mean play, a big part in creating the world’s most powerful telescope over the next 10 years. It’s an election year all right, fix the roads, build a telescope, send stuff to space got to spend money and make it sound neat now in case Harper is ousted as Prime Minister.

9. Who not to bring to dinner. The short answer would be Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones’ as Seth Meyers shows in a skit from last night’s episode.