daily-aggregation-21. ONE IN FIVE SASKATCHEWANIANS BELIEVE VIRUSES CAUSE AUTISM This sounds like a job for… a well-funded public health education campaign! Read about the importance and safeness of vaccination here.

2. SUPREME COURT GIVES CANADIANS THE RIGHT TO DIE And it’s about time. Read all about it on CBC, in The Toronto Star, The Globe And Mail and The National Post and in The Canadian Press. And here’s a Saskatchewan angle. Also: this probably shouldn’t be surprising, since (I’m guessing) the right to assisted suicide is something the baby boom generation wants, and the baby boom generation always gets what it wants.

3. BUT STILL, IT’S A REALLY GOOD RULING A lot of Conservative MPs are opposed to to right to die, but one who isn’t is Winnipeg member of Parliament Steven Fletcher, who’s been championing this from inside caucus for some time.

4. LAYOFFS AT POSTMEDIA More media jobs lost in Canada.

5. U.S. HOSTAGE KILLED IN AIRSTRIKE ON ISIS? Better that than being burned alive by those fake-Islamic sickos.

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