Daily Aggregation: Cute Animals Again

daily-aggregation-2All right, let’s see what’s going on out there in the news. We’ll just roll through the ol’ bookmarks and BAM, aggregation! This’ll be easy. Who’s one board?

THE TORONTO STAR: Twenty-five years ago, Canada’s parliament vowed to end child poverty. Canada’s PC, Liberal and Conservative governments over the last quarter century all broke that promise.

THE CANADIAN PRESS: Will Canada’s Supreme Court take on a case that could expand the rights of aboriginals and Métis?

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: There’s a petition to get more women’s pictures on money. I’ll sign that.

CBC: That slight narrowing of the gap between the richest Canadians and the rest of us is good news for the economy. No shit, Sherlock. Put more money into regular people’s hands and they spend it and keep it circulating.

CBC SASK: Saskatchewan brings in stronger anti-poaching laws and health care workers aren’t washing their hands enough. Also, a new Saskatchewan mother has been advised not to pay her almost million-dollar medical bill after her insurance company, Blue Cross, refused to pay it.

THE LEADER-POST: City Council doesn’t care about public pools, here’s a story about a neighbourhood and a bypass, and Murray Mandryk reminds us the Brad Wall destroyed Saskatchewan’s film industry.

THE STARPHOENIX: It’s not easy being homeless in Saskatoon in winter.

CJME: Moose Jaw’s city council doesn’t like the loss of home mail delivery. Tough to feel sympathy. Moose Jaw voters back members of the political party that openly hates public services. You get what you vote for.

ALSO, ALL THIS: There’s a nightmare snow situation in Buffalo; the Keystone XL pipeline is briefly blocked in the United States, there’s more rape allegations against once-beloved TV dad Bill Cosby, a deadly virus is confirmed to be killing starfish and Israel takes its revenge because just killing terrorists isn’t good enough I guess.

BUZZFEED HAS VIDEOS! Let’s watch one. Hey, this one has cute animals. They have stuff like this on the Internet? Who knew.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

4 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Cute Animals Again”

  1. THE TORONTO STAR: It’s obvious the previous governments underestimated the challenges of ending child poverty.

    THE CANADIAN PRESS: That’s called very risky when stirring the pot of rights.

    THE GLOBE AND MAIL: I concur. That’s an excellent idea.

    CBC: What about inflation? That magical formula which makes things so much more expensive year after year.

    CBC SASK: Good! Less Poaching!
    What is with the lack of hand washing with the Health Workers? Maybe it should be made mandatory just like Flu shots or wear a Flu mask during flu season.

    Blue Cross needs to work something out. I get there is lack of any insurance coverage for births outside of the country through any health provider here, but there should be some coverage for the mother herself for staying in the hospital before birth happened.

    THE LEADER-POST: Maybe the new swimming pools will be funded as P3 because they deal with water! And why is Murray Mandryk bringing up the Sask Film Industry and Brad Wall? Oh, right! Corner Gas comes to theaters this weekend. Yippie!

    THE STARPHOENIX: The homeless are very hardy people accustomed to cold Sask Weather. Remember all the cold the settlers had to endure? They had it worse.

    CJME: Moose Jaw’s city council doesn’t like change to postal service. And yet, they should already know there are community mail super boxes already established years ago in MJ’s newer neighborhoods. TSK TSK!

    ALSO, ALL THIS: Good. Buffalo NY can have all the snow they could possible not want.
    Bill Cosby also lost his son in 1997 from being shot dead and also deal with court of a so called daughter he never had. That so called daughter perjured herself. Now with the consistent rape stories coming out and NBC cancelled his upcoming show, he needs to tell his side of the story. Remaining silent isn’t working for him.
    Israel is making a point they won’t tolerate this type of killings.

  2. The LP
    Every pool should be biult to a 2020 standard? Some sort of roof wold keep them more useful than “12 weeks “. Never rains in summer here.

    By pass? use the fuckin rail lines! LRT from Annexed Pilot Butte,White city etc..They use YQR as well, welcome to our city tax rate. Lumsden, Pense, Craven; included.

    Build 3 tunnels. 1 on ring road for the rail track, 1 on Elphinstone by the Monorail Stadium, 1 on Elphinstone at 1st ave north.

    I haven’t driven on Victoria ave. east ( past Park st.), for almost 3 years.
    Because it really a shitty place to go. Awful traffic Awful Malls.

  3. built to a 2020 standard of Good architecture & function for all abilities,& incomes! I’ve never been in that pool at Wascana Park. (35 yrs in yqr )

    Grundgy place that. It should be converted to a children’s pool and a separate Adult pool. Huge hot tub too. Use Geothermal !

    Regina could use more pools indoor or out.
    Closest pool to me is on Montague street.
    A 15min drive; but people without cars?

    Where I live, the neighbourhood was built in the 1960’s ?
    Maybe then, you could swim in the creek.

    90-110k persons a year seems to me, like all are rarely used.

    Steve… whose one board ?

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