Daily Aggregation: Cthulhupillar!

daily-aggregation-2Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these things. Well, I’ve been busy, okay? Things to do! People to meet! Newspapers to edit! Beer to drink! Let’s see if I still remember how they work. Onward!

1. OPPOSITION PARTY OPPOSES AIR WAR AGAINST ISLAMIC STATE Read all about it. Nevertheless, planes will soon be on the way. Here’s the key things you should know. The Associated Press reports air strikes are hurting Islamic State forces, but Malcolm Fraser writes in The Guardian that an air campaign without ground troops is pointless, saying, “The commander in chief of what is meant to be the greatest democracy in the world has gone to war with the worst strategic understanding of any commander in chief in history.”

2. STUDYING TERRORISM The Conservatives commission five research projects on domestic terrorism. Okay, sounds like a good idea, but aren’t the Tories afraid this research might produce sociological evidence?

3. SASK ENVIRONMENT WATCHES WADENA’S AIR The site of a major train derailment is being monitored. Also, train operator error was not responsible for the accident.

4. REGINA MEN ASSAULTED Two of them have life-threatening injuries.

5. SHOTS FIRED AT REGINA HOUSE What did that house ever do to anyone?

6. VIOLENT AND AVOIDABLE DEATHS The coroner’s reports from the Lac-Megantic train disaster is grim.

7. FOOTBALL FIREWORK SET-UP FACES CHANGES Because fires are bad and safety is good.

8. TATER TAMPERING? Is some fucker fucking with Atlantic Canada’s spuds? A potato probe is underway.

9. FIRST U.S. EBOLA PATIENT DIES Thomas Eric Duncan has passed away in Texas.

10. IF YOU LIKE CATS, DON’T READ THIS All I can say is, I’m glad the cat killer is in jail but 10 months seems too short for someone who seems to me like a danger to society.

11. BLOOD MOON! It was apparently quite pretty.

12. HOCKEY STARTS TONIGHT! HOCKEY STARTS TONIGHT! My team, the Blue Jackets, don’t play until tomorrow, though. The poor Jackets have just been clobbered by injuries: top-line wingers Boone Jenner (learn that name!) and Naton Horton are out, and now the team’s heart-and-soul second-line centre, Brandon Dubinsky, is out for six weeks. Yikes.

CTHULUPILLAR HUNGERS! What is this thing? It’s terrifying. Ah, I see it was a successful Kickstarter. Also I need this book.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Cthulhupillar!”

  1. (1) The President is not very smart. Suddenly this is news?
    (2) Well, he saved himself prosecution by the government of Liberia.
    (10) Banned from owning pets for a decade?? Drunk drivers are punished less severely.

    As an Eric Carle and H.P. Lovecraft fan, I love this concept.

  2. (1) He may not be that smart, but he’s smarter than a Republican, so we’re stuck. With ISIS you may as well imagine taking the lid off a liquidy warm jar of marshmallow and dumping it over Iraq & Syria. They’re entrenched, they’re not going anywhere. Only a ground war can scrub them away. Either do that or eventually recognize a new, very hostile state in the middle east.

    Bush/Cheney wasted hundreds of billions fighting bogeymen and boobytraps in Iraq for nearly 10 years…created a acrid vacuum for ISIS psychos and their wealthy oil baron benefactors to exist. Oh, but now it’s Obama’s problem… Canada should keep its 6 little jets at home. Useless, not worth the risk.

  3. As for Harper’s generous unnecessary offer of a House of Commons vote, he’s just following, down to a tee, the Cheney/Bush Republican playbook for opposition demonization. “Look Canada, Trudeau/Mulcair support beheadings in Iraq and Syria!! We don’t, we’re moral leaders, they are weak and aid and abet terror. Think about your children!!” Canadian participation in this war will also be a great way to dominate the media agenda thru to the next election with jingoistic propaganda and certainly brand Mike Duffy a traitor to his country once he starts spilling the beans on the Harper hush money. “Attacking the government while we’re at war gives aid and comfort to the enemy!! For shame, Michael P. Duffy!!”

  4. “Whatever”? You wanna put $1,000 on it? From Day 1, Saylor, from Day 1, Harper has resorted to nothing else besides gutter politics. He knows nothing but gutter politics, he’s 2002 valedictorian from the Republican School of Gutter Politics. He’s a depraved, angry man from the bitter school of high school have-nots. The stuff about Bush/Cheney, everybody knows.

    As for ISIS, what the F is the game plan? No one in the middle east will take on this zombie army. Might just have to admit defeat. There are people all over the world struggling to be free who we frequently ignore. What, is this about oil again?

  5. Rant away. The phrase “angry man from the bitter school of high school have-nots” may be more revealing than you realize.

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