Daily Aggregation: Creationism Vs. PBS

daily-aggregation-21. TAX DATA ATTACK The Canadian Revenue Agency has shut down access to its online services due to an evil security threat.

2. IS RUSSIA PLOTTING TO INVADE UKRAINE? They better not be. Talks will be held next week.


4. URBANIZE TO SAVE THE ECONOMY That’s what Regina and Saskatoon must do, says someone smart.

5. BRIAN MULRONEY WANTS HARPER TO DO A BETTER JOB BUILDING A PRO-PIPELINE CONSENSUS. HE ALSO SAYS SOMETHING EXTREMELY INSIGHTFUL, THOUGH PERHAPS NOT IN THE WAY HE INTENDED The story’s here. The quote? “The essential continuity of governments from Mulroney through Chretien and Martin to Harper explains a great deal of what is right about Canada today.” Yup. Right wing.

6. MISSING AND PRESUMED EATEN The possible fate of Michael Rockefeller, lost in 1961.

7. STABBING SPREE No one has died but four people were critically injured in a knife-based school attack near Pittsburgh.

8. REST IN PEACE, ULTIMATE WARRIOR The wrestling legend has died. The Guardian re-caps his greatest moments.

9. REMEMBER THAT DOCUMENTARY ABOUT GEOCENTRISM THAT WAS MADE BY A HOLOCAUST DENIER THAT I MENTIONED YESTERDAY? Captain Janeway says she was a mere voice for hire, and no, she is not a geocentrist. Also, a scientist who appears in the film wrote a piece about it on Slate.

VIDEO: THE LOTTERY The creationist group Answers In Genesis is whining about a PBS science program. Fuck ’em! Creationism is maliciously ignorant, toxic sludge that, if left unchecked, could drag us all backwards to an era of quivering superstitions, bizarre rituals, miscellaneous quackery and probably witch-burning. IWhatever’s behind it, it’s sure not Christianity. Creationists! Cast off your shackles of ignorance and step into the light! And go read Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery. IT’S ABOUT YOU.

THE LOTTERY – 1969 from Gonçalo Brito on Vimeo.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

3 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Creationism Vs. PBS”

  1. (2) He’ll do that only if he and his party win the next federal election. He should be negotiating with Mr. Mulcair.

    (6) “Rockefeller”.

    Yes! Read “The Lottery”! Read any and everything by Shirley Jackson! She’s a very under-rated writer.

  2. 5) Sure..Right Wing….as in they are always right!
    8) Very tragic the Ultimate Warrior passing away at 54. And just a day after he was on RAW doing a speech on being inducted into the WWE hall of fame. His Warrior Spirit died with him.
    He never got the chance to make peace with Hulk Hogan for their personal attacks against each other outside of the ring.

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