Daily Aggregation: Centre Of The Universe

daily-aggregation-21 QUEBEC: A LESSER EVIL Quebec elects a Liberal majority government. And by “majority” we mean the Liberals got 41.51% of the vote. Which is not what the word “majority” means.* The previous government of neoliberal, pro-ethnic cleansing goofs masquerading as the PQ dropped to 30 seats on 25.37% of the vote, by the way. And their dumb leader, who led the charge into bigotry, corporatism and ruin, has resigned.

**Despite the fact that my Canadian Oxford dictionary defends this usage as legitimate. No. No it is not. That’s what the word “plurality” means. The anti-democratic bastards have corrupted my dictionary and changed the meaning of words to legitimize their anti-democratic power grabs. Fils de pute!

2 CANADA’S MINISTER OF DEMOCRATIC REFORM ATTACKS CANADA’S ELECTION WATCHDOG This kind of shit should be setting off waaay more alarms than it is among the general public.

3 THE SAGA OF QUESTIONABLE EXPENSES BY GOVERNMENT POLITICIANS AND WORKERS CONTINUES Saskatchewan’s Opposition caught some shenanigans. The perps made amends. The government will make changes. The Opposition is keeping an eye on things. Huh. the system worked! Applause all around.

4 MEANWHILE, IN FEDERAL POLITICS The federal NDP has been ordered to stop using House funds for their new Saskatchewan office. To me, the situation seems sort of analogous to the federal Conservatives using public funds for their out-of-riding propaganda mailers (and the NDP are doing that now, too). Hopefully, the NDP will stop following the Tories’ bad example. Because what did that ever get the Conservatives? Besides a majority government?

5 LOOK OUT, WOLVES Saskatchewan has made it easier to legally shoot wolves. Ravens, too.


7 TROUBLE IN EASTERN UKRAINE Pro-Russian separatists stir up trouble and the Kyiv government represses them. Blah.

8 PHILIPPINE COURT BACKS FREE BIRTH CONTROL IN GOVERNMENT HEALTH CENTRES, NYAH NYAH NYAH Read all about it. Some church groups were trying to stop  the distribution of birth control. What a bunch of pushy little tyrants.

9 I GUESS HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS ARE TERRORISTS The United States spied on Amnesty International.

VIDEO: WHY IS CAPTAIN JANEWAY INVOLVED WITH AN EXTREMIST CHRISTIAN DOCUMENTARY THAT SAYS THE EARTH IS LITERALLY AT THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE? Hopefully because either A.) actors need paycheques B.) she was duped, or C.) both. I sure hope Captain Janeway doesn’t believe the Earth orbits the sun, though. Anyway, more here, here and here. And here’s the trailer for The Principle. Blah.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

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  1. Quebec’s always better under a Liberal Govt, plus they’re just pre-aligning with Trudeau’s Libs who, of course, don’t be daft, will form some type of govt in 2015, then majorify it if need be in 2016. If Trudeau gets 135 seats in fall 2015, most def expect another election by summer 2016. and no, stupid-headed national-media, voters will not “punish” Trudeau, they will reward him for not being a weiner.

  2. 5) I’m pretty sure I saw some compelling science that wolves and similar animals merely alter the size of litter size based on culls.

    Aren’t we at risk that if we encourage extra wolf hunting, they’ll just overcompensate with larger breeding?

    I’d like to believe the Sask Party didn’t totally ignore science and just go with a gun-totin’ reactionary response. However: Sask Party. Enough said.

  3. 5.
    Iffn youall wants to shoot some critters, get on a flight / camper train to FLA or LA & go shoot gators/ snare pythons, they’ll be extinct soon too. Yee Haa !

    There aren’t enough wolf for eve …..Wait Brad sez there are. ..Locked & Definitely Loaded!

  4. C’mon Steve! A majority government is well-understood to mean a government in which the party in power has control of more than half the seats — which the Québec Liberals do. It’s neither inaccurate nor contradictory to state that the Liberals won a majority government while receiving a mere plurality of the popular vote. I do agree with you that the use of “majority” to mean plurality harms the English language, but the distinction between majority and minority governments is far more valuable than labeling them based on the degree of popular support that got them there.

  5. Barb: Thanks! fixed.

    Reader: That’s coyotes, and it came up in the news last year (or two years ago?) around the coyote cull. Don’t know if it apples to wolves. I’m keeping an eye on Trevor Herriot’s Grass Notes blog to see what he says. Nothing yet. I’m peeved about the raven shooting, because ravens are excellent beings. My sentimentality aside, wildlife management should ALWAYS be science-based.

    Talbot: A legitimate point re: Tory/Conservative. Dechene agrees with you.

    Brad: Forget English! It harms DEMOCRACY! Blarrrrgh!

    Ron: But I like pythons and alligators.

  6. Video: I’m far more concerned about the out-of-context use of interviews with Lawrence Krauss and Michio Kaku to “support” this nonsense. From the trailer, it looks like they are abusing four cosmological notions:

    1) In an expanding universe, all non-bound objects are moving away from each other. Because the expansion occurs at the same rate everywhere and in every physical dimension: a) the speed at which an object is moving away is directly proportional to its distance from Earth; b) modulo small differences in relative velocity, every object is moving directly away from Earth; and c) the cosmic background radiation is relatively uniform in every direction from Earth.

    To the fucktards, this seems to indicate that the world is special at the centre of the universe. However, you can replace “Earth” with any point in the universe: the Sun, my left toe, a point exactly 67.8 light-years away at -46° declination and 7° right ascension.

    2) “Scientists don’t understand nothing.” Krauss was being very deliberate with this statement. What he means is that we have discovered that almost anything we could be tempted to call nothing (e.g the vacuum of intergalactic space) contains a fuckton of “things”: forces, potentials, the “quantum foam”, etc. We don’t understand nothing because “nothing” may be what philosophers call an absent referent: the word “nothing” describes no thing or situation in the universe. It’s a useful concept in approximation, but “nothing” is no more a thing it is possible to know anything about than “unicorns”. I expect the makers of this film are hoping viewers with assume that Krauss sucks at grammar and means “scientists don’t understand anything”.

    3&4) Cosmologists are almost universally agreed that most of the matter in the universe is “dark matter” and most of the energy in the universe is “dark energy”. This stuff is very difficult to observe, despite making up an estimated 95% of the universe because it makes up a vanishingly small percentage of the stuff in our solar system and because it doesn’t appear to interact electromagnetically (i.e. light passes right through it). In many ways, this stuff seems like “nothing”. However, at a cosmological scale, their assumption allows an explanation for a number of effects, including the observed acceleration of the expansion of the universe. Finding out there’s something else to learn about is a victory of science, not the failure I’m sure it’ll be characterized as here.

    Apart from that, looks like simplistic fine-tuning arguments, arguments from personal incredulity, and god-of-the-gaps. I can’t wait to watch it!

  7. Steve: First-past-the-post and single member ridings hurt democracy, not the term “majority government.” Then again, Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem proves all deterministic voting systems are fucked anyway, and no one would ever go for a stochastic voting system.

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