daily-aggregation-21 QUEBEC: A LESSER EVIL Quebec elects a Liberal majority government. And by “majority” we mean the Liberals got 41.51% of the vote. Which is not what the word “majority” means.* The previous government of neoliberal, pro-ethnic cleansing goofs masquerading as the PQ dropped to 30 seats on 25.37% of the vote, by the way. And their dumb leader, who led the charge into bigotry, corporatism and ruin, has resigned.

**Despite the fact that my Canadian Oxford dictionary defends this usage as legitimate. No. No it is not. That’s what the word “plurality” means. The anti-democratic bastards have corrupted my dictionary and changed the meaning of words to legitimize their anti-democratic power grabs. Fils de pute!

2 CANADA’S MINISTER OF DEMOCRATIC REFORM ATTACKS CANADA’S ELECTION WATCHDOG This kind of shit should be setting off waaay more alarms than it is among the general public.

3 THE SAGA OF QUESTIONABLE EXPENSES BY GOVERNMENT POLITICIANS AND WORKERS CONTINUES Saskatchewan’s Opposition caught some shenanigans. The perps made amends. The government will make changes. The Opposition is keeping an eye on things. Huh. the system worked! Applause all around.

4 MEANWHILE, IN FEDERAL POLITICS The federal NDP has been ordered to stop using House funds for their new Saskatchewan office. To me, the situation seems sort of analogous to the federal Conservatives using public funds for their out-of-riding propaganda mailers (and the NDP are doing that now, too). Hopefully, the NDP will stop following the Tories’ bad example. Because what did that ever get the Conservatives? Besides a majority government?

5 LOOK OUT, WOLVES Saskatchewan has made it easier to legally shoot wolves. Ravens, too.


7 TROUBLE IN EASTERN UKRAINE Pro-Russian separatists stir up trouble and the Kyiv government represses them. Blah.

8 PHILIPPINE COURT BACKS FREE BIRTH CONTROL IN GOVERNMENT HEALTH CENTRES, NYAH NYAH NYAH Read all about it. Some church groups were trying to stop  the distribution of birth control. What a bunch of pushy little tyrants.

9 I GUESS HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS ARE TERRORISTS The United States spied on Amnesty International.

VIDEO: WHY IS CAPTAIN JANEWAY INVOLVED WITH AN EXTREMIST CHRISTIAN DOCUMENTARY THAT SAYS THE EARTH IS LITERALLY AT THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE? Hopefully because either A.) actors need paycheques B.) she was duped, or C.) both. I sure hope Captain Janeway doesn’t believe the Earth orbits the sun, though. Anyway, more here, here and here. And here’s the trailer for The Principle. Blah.