Daily Aggregation: Big Eyes

daily-aggregation-21. WORLD DEMANDS ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE Yesterday was a rallypalooza. Locally, 150 people with informed concerns about humanity’s future rallied in the Queen City. Ahead of the U.N. climate summit (which starts tomorrow), the Rockefeller family says it’s disinvesting from fossil fuels. Also: The Wall Street Journal sucks.

2. “A TORRENT OF UGLY WORDS AND HATRED” Vicious online comments by Ragged Ass Barbers supporters land Regina in the national radio spotlight.

3. WILL COUNCIL RAISE TRANSIT FARES? Story here. Seems to me that if we want to encourage people to use more sustainable transportation (and we should),  we should be careful about harsh prices. Meanwhile in Saskatoon, a transit lockout gets real.

4. QUEBEC, BIG TOBACCO AND  A $17 BILLION LAWSUIT Final arguments have begun in Quebec superior court.

5. U.S.A. TO SPEND A TRILLION BUCKS ON NUKES OVER THREE DECADES Well, I guess $30 billion a year isn’t so bad OH WAIT, YES IT IS. I expected Obama to be a better president — and I don’t just mean “better than a Republican stooge”.

6. ISIS THREATENS CANADA Evil shitheads.

7. NEW BRUNSWICK GETS ALL ELECTIONEY The province hits the polls.


9. AIRSHIPS ARE COOL And there’s a new one. Wet blanket caveat: helium is not a sustainable resource.

KEANE EYES There’s finally a trailer for Tim Burton’s upcoming Margaret Keane biopic. Looks somewhat interesting.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

10 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Big Eyes”

  1. (3) Compared to other cities, Regina’s fares, even bumped up by 25-cent increments over the next 3 years, are reasonable.
    (5) Your expectations of President Obama, along with a lot of other people’s, were deeply unrealistic.
    (8) John Tory is a candidate, not the mayor, so what he says may only serve to sink him…just like another promise he made about funding, in another election campaign. You’d think he’d learn.

  2. 5) I`ve always wondered what people saw in Obama, how all his supporters took it all, hook line and sinker. Jeez, his rating is now lower than Bushes was!! We now have our own Obama running for PM in the next election. I`ll let everyone figure out who it is.

  3. Hi. 3) Barb, I’m so tired with the “compared to other cities” blabla.. Other cities also run their transit 364 days a year,with longer service hours..

    What the CoSaskatoon is doing is pure ASSHOLE. Leave the customers stranded & then ask for a rate hike.. not necessarily now.. but soon.

    Cap all Municipal wages. This BULLSHIT will never end.

    8) JT (the evil 1) told ya; bulldozering the Con directive straight into Hogtown.

  4. Indy: before his first term, it looked like Obama might actually be a moderate president. Now his only appeal is that homophobic, pro-billionaire Republican alternatives are always far worse.

    I’m no fan of Justin Trudeau but if it’s a choice between him and the climate change skeptic with the holy-rolling anti-choice caucus who fights to get more money into politics, censors scientists, defunds healthcare, diminishes the social safety net, hates unions, uses the Canada Revenue Agency to attack political opponents, cuts a national daycare program, and has a party with John A. MacDonald levels of scandals, it’s no competition. Trudeau wins.

    At this point there’s no reason to support Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and there’s something deeply fucked up with the thinking of anyone who does.

  5. As for John Tory leading, it’s a sad commentary on Olivia Chow’s ineffective campaign and possibly on her as well. And I’m sorry, Indy, but do you agree with Tory’s position? Because if you do, please come out and say it, and defend your opinion. Unless you’re a chicken who hides weak thinking behind snarky quips.

  6. Stephen, I’m surprised at you! Justin Trudeau over Thomas Mulcair? Please explain how a guy who curbs the conscientious votes of his caucus is worse than a guy who refuses to reopen the abortion debate at all. Also: whither the attack on indy500? You’re reading far more into his comment than I can see is justified. Talk about weak thinking.
    Ron: I understand your feelings, but let’s keep a little perspective here. Public transit in Regina is still a work in progress, and the hikes, long overdue, are necessary.
    I don’t live in Toronto, so I can’t fathom why Olivia Chow, who from what I can tell was an effective city councillor ‘way back when, is doing so badly now. Maybe people just think she’s had her day.

  7. I take regina transit and i think they should lower the fares, get more bums in the seats and fill up all that advertising space above the seats. Right now they’re just moving billboards on the outside with one or two ads inside (milk, u of r, or regina transit.)

  8. Hey guys… Enjoying your 25¢ fare hike?

    I’m here in sunny Malta where the buses run everywhere in the country. On most routes I take there are buses every 10 to 20 minutes. Some places it’s even more frequent than that. And the fares are 35¢ cheaper a ride for adults than in Regina. And kids from 4 to 10 ride for 71¢ Canadian.

    Oh sure, the buses are about as late as the buses in Regina. But that’s mitigated by the fact that your transfer is good ALL DAY LONG! So for 1.50€ I can tour from city to city all day long.

    It also doesn’t hurt that the drivers can takes bills or coins and can make change.

    Big surprise, with all that in place, the buses are packed. And that’s despite the fact that the Maltese are more car obsessed than Canadians. (Jesus Christ the traffic. It’s insane. You don’t know from traffic.)

    I’d write more but I have to take a bus across the country on a fare I purchased this morning.

  9. Good to hear from you, sir. Re: your picture on Twitter, there are chameleons on Malta? Who knew?!?

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