1. OOPS When I saw the ridiculous photo on Facebook this weekend,  I just assumed it originated someplace stupid, like Arizona. Nope! Now, a Saskatchewan cheer team makes national news for playing cowboys and Indians in a city with a large indigenous population.

2. LET US SMITE RUSSIA WITH MIGHTY SANCTIONS! Canada, the U.S. and the EU respond to Crimea voting to separate from Ukraine in a rushed referendum. What a mess.

3. THE LATEST ON FLIGHT MH 370 Right here.


5. BEFORE THE BUDGET Saskatchewan’s NDP lays out what they’d like to see in Wednesday’s Provincial budget.

6. BULLSHIT FEDERAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS ARE TERRIBLE AND OPPRESSIVE What garbage. Way to make sick people’s live’s shittier, Stephen Harper.

7. ROB FORD, STUMBLING AGAIN Bet you’re surprised!

8. BIG BEER PULLS OUT OF ST. PATRICK’S PARADES Because big beer doesn’t like homophobia. Good for big beer!

9. CELL PHONE CARTEL HIKES WIRELESS RATES Looks like we need more socialist, consumer-protecting regulation. Who’s with me?

IN HONOUR OF ST. PATRICK’S DAY, HERE’S A GREEN SNAKE AND SOME RELIGION I’m a huge fan of (and have a huuuuuge man-crush on) Orry Martin, the super-hunky Texas Snake Hunter. I love his accent, I love his enthusiasm, and I especially love his boisterous, pro-science, pro-conservation Christianity. In this video, Orry finds a rough green snake — a larger relative of a species we have here in Saskatchewan. Enjoy! (And praise God!)