daily-aggregation-21. THIRD-WORLD PROBLEMS The United Nations will release a report on the relationship between Canada and indigenous people today. Spoiler alert: not good. (And then, lots of Reginans who aren’t at all racist rolled their eyes at the U.N. because OBVIOUSLY the solution is so simple: Indians just need to buck up and get jobs! Easy!) Also, one of the report’s recommendations is that Harper should block BC pipelines HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, like Prime Minister Oil Stooge would ever do that.

2. DEAD, BURIED AND SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM The City of Regina declines to take the lead on what is apparently a Regina Indian Industrial School Cemetery situation.

3. VIDEO OF NIGERIAN GIRLS Scummy Boko Haram Islamist Islamic extremist fuckers release footage of the kids they kidnapped.

4. UKRAINIAN REGIONS APPARENTLY VOTE TO SECEDE, MAYBE? The Guardian has a story I don’t have time to read.

5. HOT, SEXY BYELECTION ACTION Over the weekend, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced four byelections to be held June 30. None of them are in Saskatchewan. You may go back to sleep now.

6. TUITION UP BY ALMOST FOUR PER CENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA Rents are up, food’s more expensive and now it will costs several hundred bucks a year more to get a post secondary education and all the terrific life experiences that come with it. Can I get a “woo” for the Saskaboom?

7. REGINA SCHOOL BOARD REVIEWS P3 SCHOOL DESIGNS Gosh! How awesome of them! We should throw a parade in the board’s honour.

8. GAY BASHING: WAY UP IN UGANDA As expected, outlawing  homosexuality has given every Ugandan bigot, zealot and self-hating closet-case a green light to harm gays and lesbians. Anti-LGBT violence — including attacks, blackmail, firings and driving people to suicide — have increased tenfold since the African country passed the law late last year. Important detail: Uganda’s law was nurtured by U.S. evangelicals like Scott Lively — who travelled to Uganda to convince politicians that gays abuse children, and co-wrote a book blaming the holocaust on gay Nazis (yes really)  — and is supported by folks like Peter LaBarbera, who was invited to Saskatchewan by anti-abortion activists last month.

9. TOLERANCE: WAY UP IN PRO FOOTBALL The St. Louis Rams made history by selecting openly gay defensive end Michael Sam in the seventh round of Saturday’s NFL draft. This is great, although I really wish the NHL had been the league to break the LGBT barrier. Anyway, here’s video of Sam’s reaction. D’awwwww!