daily-aggregation-21. REGINA TODAY It’s 27 degrees right now–finally, an actual warm day! Feels weird but I like it. Sunset is 8:25 p.m., sunrise was, wow, 5:27. I’ve got to start getting up earlier.

2. ALBERTA ELECTION It’s happening today. Polls predict an NDP majority. Seems impossible. Read my editorial. Read something by a real writer. In other Alberta election news, the Edmonton Journal ran a credibility-damaging editorial endorsing the Conservatives a few days ago. They took some much-deserved flack from one of their own writers for it, though the position was probably appreciated by the province’s gutless, cowardly and anti-democratic business leaders. In any case, the paper was apparently ordered to run this garbage by its Postmedia overlords. Postmedia will clearly ALWAYS endorse Conservatives regardless of what people want, what’s in the public interest and their general fitness to govern. I feel a little bad for the mean things I’m going to have to write about the Leader-Post in the next federal election, when it endorses a Conservative minority government.

3. STEPHEN HARPER REALLY HATES OMAR KHADR Although I guess we already knew that, so no big surprise today. Personally, I suspect Khadr is a much finer human being than our PM. I guess in Harper’s view that would mean I’m literally siding with terrorists. That’s okay, I’m in good company — by now most Canadians have figured out that Harper’s a bullying, warmongering, science-suppressing, anti-democratic corporate stooge and scandal magnet who puts soldiers lives at risk.

4. WHAT ELSE? Grace Lee Whitney passed away. Yeah, yesterday’s news, but still sad. Farewell, yeoman Rand. Here’s a super-disturbing clip:

5. THAT IT? Yup. Good luck Alberta!