Daily Aggregation: A Laughing Cockatoo

daily-aggregation-21 CITY SETTLES PLAZA LAWSUIT Big news. I remember when I was really excited about the idea of a multi-use plaza, but while the plaza we got has some uses, I think, as someone who sees it every day, its problems outweigh its benefits. Someone should write a book on it. (Dechene?)

2 IS THE GREAT, OILY SASKABOOM OVER? Read Regina’s Best Political Reporter’s column on it.

3 BIG PROPERTY TAX HIKE IN SASKATOON? That city’s council debates a 7.23 per cent increase to property taxes.

4 SAD A 70-year-old man was mugged for his groceries. Ugh. How bad does your life have to be to mug a 70-year-old man?

5 FINANCE MINISTER REPORTS TO CANADIANS Well, to the Canadians who pay $800 a plate to support the shittiest government in Canadian history. The rest of us can go fuck ourselves, I suppose.

6 SPEAKING OF CBC The Conservatives are destroying it. I’m sure they have a lot of support from those who vote for them. Darn CBC, reporting facts and paying journalists. Everyone knows media should only be owned by super rich people and used to tell the rest of us how to think.

7 IT’S JUST RESTING European Space Agency scientists say their comatose comet probe might wake up this spring. Huh. Maybe its tired and shagged out from a long squawk? It’s got beautiful plumage!

WHAT’S SO FUNNY? This cockatoo thinks that joke was pretty good.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

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  1. (1) “Plaza” is a Spanish word, and in the parts of the world occupied by Spanish speakers, the weather is much more amenable to multiple uses of public open spaces. With time and imagination, more uses may be found for what we have here, but it’s unrealistic to think that our plaza can duplicate the originals.
    (4) Disgraceful. The perp’s life is not sad but bad.
    (6) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the CBC had lots of time to make itself a truly Canadian institution, but it chose instead to be Toronto-centric and contemptuous of the regions. Add to that the untouchable-star syndrome and the tolerance of harassment, done on our tax dollar, plus the pervasive separatism of Radio Canada, and you won’t wonder why tears are not being shed as copiously as you’d like.

  2. 1. The way that article was written, totally reminded me, of cjme newscasts, all 96 of them a day. oh wait;thats the commercial breaks.
    Very elementary school gr 5-6 level.

    Were legal costs part of the 2014 budget, & then added “service” cost increases?

    People are almost forced to drive in Regina & spent a lot of $$$, just to get to work & back home.

    Pay taxes expect better public transit..
    IE 24/7 maybe some routes 45 min/ 90 min at 3am;but at least you know that some sort of transport should be willing to pick you up, … is coming.
    Just smarter route planning, for later service, is all that this city needs to do,and faster than RFN !

  3. 6. The devo of The CBC started when friggen Mulroney slashed a billion $ from their budget in 1990?
    The Con alliances & their aggressive ad campaigns,aimed at trying reform the rest of us to their principles of their version of a true Canada policy; has yet to be STOPPED!

    Getting rid of HNIC, without any federal backing of the CBC budget to be able to Realistically offer a counter proposal to the NHL, was an obvious sign of future things to come.

    Buy a Rger backed phone get free NHL !
    Yup that’s what we wanted !

    Hockey is gone. Only the hardcore or noob fan(s), don’t care.

    Barb, wanting to dismantle CBC,based on “job site harassment” & radiocanada,( some people in western Canada ,do listen/watch it ), is BS.

    Why not organize a National / Worldwide day when all women are allowed to pin-point the Jerks at their jobs that harassed them ?
    The ; That Asshole got off Without Penalty, Why Am I Getting Punished day.

  4. Barb… THAT A-HOLE wants to sue his Canadian Fans for $50 fucking million of our federal tax dollars?

    He promoted his book ( an ad ),on federal public radio ?

    NPR gets personal donations to stay alive. Any Fed $ (anymore ), I don’t know.

    Their greatest potential audience is 330 million, CBC’s 35 million.

    Your hope for CBC’s future ?

  5. The “devo” started long before Mr. Mulroney, Ron, and if you read with care, you’ll see that I didn’t advocate dismantling the CBC. The Corp has done a pretty good job of that itself. As to my hopes for the CBC, I have none. When I listen, it’s to FM in the afternoons, if I’m not otherwise engaged. Now, of course, the CBC in its wisdom wants to take itself totally into the digital world, thus losing even more of its audience. The great ideas just keep on coming.

    As to NPR and public tv in the US, they may also get something from the National Endowment for the Arts, for specific programs.

  6. I don’t know how much you know about the industry Barb, but the CBC is hurting extremely for funding, and work has only gotten harder for journalists in the past decade or so.

    Audiences have grown, as has the public’s expectations for the form and timeliness of the news. There’s a pressing demand to get things out NOW! and FIRST! before the competition, leaving less time for digging into the grit of things. With less funding there are less journalists, and with a greater demand for news and an increasing pressure to get it out – many of them are ridiculously overworked and terribly underpaid. It’s obvious the service and quality of the CBC’s product is going to suffer (and they’re not the only ones either).

    The Conservatives have taken every chance they could get to cut the funding of the CBC. Add in the huge loss of Hockey Night in Canada, and you’re seeing a slow death to our public broadcaster, thanks in large to an irrational ideological hatred from our Prime Minister, his party and followers (I’ll argue any day the CBC is the most fair and balanced of our three national broadcasters; however, no matter how much they bend over backwards for the right wing, it’ll never be ‘good enough’ – it isn’t ‘fair’ unless it’s heaps of praise, adoration and hyperbolic nonsense about the opposition; hello Sun News!), and pure, cartoonish greed on Rogers’s part, and the NHL’s for that matter, for the NHL broadcasting rights.

    Fifteen-hundred good people are about to lose their jobs in the next few years and our public broadcaster is going to be worse off for it, because, unsurprisingly, the ability to produce good content and distribute it costs significant amounts of work and money. And they deserve it because what? Some CBC execs enabled Ghomeshi to be an abusive pig? Some irrationally traditional inferiority complex Saskatchewanians have towards Toronto?

    I’m not hearing a good reason here, just pettiness and a lack of empathy in regards to the bigger picture.

  7. After reading a random Ralph Goodale tweet 1/2 an hr ago, I decided to watch CPAC on tv.Just by chance, CBC is part of the questions raised.

    The Minister (didn’t see her name), claims that taxpayers subside CBC with $1 billion, & the audience #’s are down. It’s up to CBC to generate programming in both languages, that people want to see/listen to.IE more advertising..( that’s her solution ).

    6 members of CBC’s board are Con party $ donators, & some are getting gov’t re-appointments. ( somewhere this was mentioned ).
    The enemy within ?

  8. Dear Bryn: Your argument seems to begin with the assumption that the CBC’s only function is broadcast journalism, that its former monopoly on Canadian broadcasting was a good thing, and that competition has made journalism go into decline. I don’t think that you would care to use that argument when the issue of media concentration is raised.

    There’s a wealth of historical information on the CBC which would give you some perspective on how it has conducted itself over the years; do avail yourself of it. The CBC has had adversarial go-rounds with Liberal as well as Conservative governments, and it has under-served the regions and various demographics for a long time. Why did the Aboriginal Peoples’ Network come to be, if the CBC was doing such a great job? Why did so much Canadian comedic and dramatic writing talent have to go south of the border to do its work and be appreciated? Which network hosted “Corner Gas”?

    Your charge of pettiness and irrationality is both ill-founded and reactionary. The way the CBC has conducted itself, over the years as well as lately, has lost it support that it would have had if it had applied itself to becoming a truly national institution.

  9. Bryn is right. 1500 people are going to be phased out of the CBC system.
    Most CBC workers are university educated, finding a new job, or starting a small business, shouldn’t be a problem; ( especially with a sweet goodbye package )..

    The local CBC radio english lucnh time show, was for some stupid reason cut in 1/2 ; 7 ? yrs ago…

    Barb… ” has lost it’s support that it would have had;if it applied itself “..etc.
    Pretty hard to do..I’ve already the reasons typed why.

    Its not the people’s fault that all 3 levels of all involved with Canada;inside all of our boundaries don’t charge enough corporate or $mil / billionaire personal tax Loopholes / Lawyers ; to help pay our home grown genius’ to stay.

    Who is to say that they didn’t want to move away anyway?

    I dont know. BB has previous connection to ctv before CG production ?

    Sometimes,a small business can’t wait for a counter offer.

  10. lunch time .. Less than 1/2 an hour for the call in portion. They could go full electronic.. & someone there could read many tweets or texts, for 1/2 an hour.

    1/2 hr spurts of local public opinion…1nce only every 24 hrs for typical monday to friday bullshit 20 yrs same old 30yrs same old Thought? processes.

    None at CBC has a regular Thursday to Tuesday shift.

    Repetitive programs since harp0? too many !

    Shit it’s just radio !

  11. 1) When City Hall Settles a lawsuit privately, it’s never a good thing.
    2) You guys and the other media asked the same question during the 2008 economic meltdown. SK got by just fine.
    3) I’m dreading this tax hike. Waiting for them to come back with a lower mill rate increase.
    4) Damn Coward. You don’t do that to the elderly!
    5) It’s called political fundraising for a reason you know! Election just around the corner.
    6) CBC should expect more cuts. Taxpayers shouldn’t be funding the CBC. Whether I’m in the minority or majority view point, I believe our tax money is better used for other priority funding than for a so called public broadcaster. It should be a private broadcaster like CTV, Global TV and City TV. No more of this public institution nonsense.
    And from a political viewpoint, of course the CONS are going to dismantle it. They don’t want the CBC being used as a mouthpiece for their left wing foes. It’s a battle of political ideology when it comes to the CBC.
    7) Comatose comet probe….that’s a funny phrase.

    Every bad comedien needs a cockatoo with them. They are the only ones who will laugh at really bad jokes.

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