daily-aggregation-21. NEW LEANINGS Murray Mandryk says we needs some kind of health care innovation, but the current approach is a $40 million mistake.

2. OLD IS NEW AGAIN Saskatchewan brings back old license plates… for a price.

3. BEWARE ROBOT BRAINS Stephen Hawking does not trust artificial intelligenceHe didn’t like aliens, either. What a xenophobe!

4. GOD’S A NO-SHOW, AS USUAL A devoutly religious woman waited for God to resurrect her dead, decomposing, husband, but for some reason, God did nothing.Couldn’t possibly be because God does not exist, I’m sure.

5. A GUY I DISLIKED IS DOING SOMETHING GREAT Conservative MP Stephen Fletcher and supporters in the Senate are fighting for the rights of terminally ill and profoundly suffering people to die with dignity. Good for them. Back in the day, Fletcher was the head of the University of Manitoba Student Union and an enemy of the U of M newspaper, The Manitoban, where I was, I dunno, a mascot or something. Fletcher was a standard-issue ’90s Tory hack — the usual small government, cut spending, slash services, generally leave vulnerable people to fend for themselves nonsense—  and we did not like him one bit. I’m happy to see him lead this fight today and I’m glad he’s found an issue that will make people’s lives (and deaths) better.

6. CLEAN ENERGY IS BUSINESS, TOO And business is booming.

7. THIS IS WHY WOMEN DON’T COME FORWARD Here’s an absolutely nightmarish story by a woman who was abused and assaulted by Jian Ghomeshi, and hung out to dry by CBC and her union. I mean:

My old union issued a memo along similar lines, saying that no union staff members had heard of any complaints of sexual harassment. I emailed Bruce May, a staff representative at the CMG, and told him the memo was wrong, because I’d spoken to Neesam. May replied that technically the memo was correct, because Neesam was an “elected representative” and not a union “staff member”. He asked if that “clarified” things for me, and I said that it did: it clarified that the union was carefully parsing its words to leave casual readers with the impression that I was lying and they had done the right thing.

Really? Fucking appalling.

8. PRIVATIZING BOOZE MEANS GOVERNMENTS HAVE LESS MONEY TO SPEND ON STUFF WE NEEDS There’s a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

100 YEARS OF HAIR/MAKE-UP TRENDS The ’40s and ’80s are both super sketchy.