DA: The Jorge’s Tale

Daily AggregationHalloooo Regina, happy Friday! It’s 4°C and the environment Canada wizards predict a high of 7°. Low tonight is, heyyyyy, 1°—above zero! Sunrise was 6:51 and sunset is 7:18. Here’s some news links.

1. STC FALLOUT: STRANDED WITH CANCER The most compelling reason shutting down the Saskatchewan Transportation Company is stupid and vicious? The 300 rural cancer patients who took STC buses to Regina or Saskatoon are out of luck. #BradBotchedTheBoom

2. LIBRARIES CUT TO RIBBONS The Leader-Post reports most library districts face funding cuts between 50 and 60 per cent. Ugly. #BradBotchedTheBoom

3. TRENT WOTHERSPOON, QP BADASS? The interim NDP leader was kicked out of yesterday’s Question Period because he called the budget deceitful, and he refuses to apologize. #BradBotchedTheBoom


“Sask. Party MLAs, you just raised taxes by nearly a billion bucks a year by gouging kids’ clothes and restaurant meals. You just fired 574 people. You just took away your own voters’ buses — buses used by sick, old, rural people and farmers needing parts. Hell, you won’t even pay for the funerals of those who in their whole life didn’t save enough money to buy their own coffins.”

Good stuff. Mr. Mandryk’s disgust for arrogance has always been one of his best qualities.

5. THE GREAT GRASSLAND SELL-OFF The Sask Party is selling 51 provincial community pastures. says Trevor Harriet:

“Among our large provinces and territories (i.e. excluding the Maritimes), Saskatchewan already leads the nation in the ratio of private land to public. Across Canada, 11% of land is privately owned. In B.C. 7% of land is private. In Alta, 30%. Saskatchewan is at 40% but south of the boreal forest in this province the figure is 80% and rising. In fact, believe it or not, by 1980 24% of all privately held land in Canada was in Saskatchewan[i]—almost all of it in the Prairie Ecozone. And now we are adding more?”

6. NO MORE CANADA SAVINGS BONDS The famous investment bonds won’t be sold anymore and CBC has an excellent and interesting story on it.

7. HOUSE OF COMMONS PASSES ISLAMOPHOBIA MOTION Good. Although I fear places like, say, the comically Islamophobic Facebook page The Republic Of Western Canada might be losing their minds right now…

8. TODAY IN AMERICA DON’T WORK NO MORE “If the bill does not pass Friday, a day after Trump delivered an ultimatum to lawmakers, it would represent multiple failures for the new president and the Republican Congress.” LOL.

THE HANDMAID’S TALE There’s a new trailer for the new Hula adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. It looks horrifying. On the bright side, if you look closely you might catch a glimpse of Prairie Dog film critic Jorge Castillo, who’s onscreen for about a second in the background of a crowd shot. Yup, really!




Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

2 thoughts on “DA: The Jorge’s Tale”

  1. I see 2 stupid sides.

    1) Here’s a trivia fact.
    Excluding SK, how many other provinces across Canada have a provincial Gov’t Run Bus Line similar to STC? Answer – 0!

    If no other provinces has one, then no reason to keep defending the existence of STC. Other provinces rely on Greyhound/Couriers/Cabs/transports & other 3rd party providers to get both people and/or product shipments around.
    It’s time for SK to get with the times & end this outdated left wing concept once & for all.

    2) Only thing I do not like is how our Provincial Gov’t handled this cut in terms of timing. Ending STC by May 31 is way too soon.
    It doesn’t give enough time for STC workers to find other replacement jobs or passengers who rely on it enough time to find other suitable travel arrangements. Gov’t should have waited until early Fall to shut down STC.

  2. What a smart comment, MB! You’re right, everyone’s overreacting and the private sector will step in to provide this needed service and somehow magically not lose money, and everything will be fine.


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