Daily AggregationHello Regina friends! It’s a lovely, lovely sunny day outside, 10°C now with a high of 12 mid-afternoon. Sunrise today was at 6:25 and sunset is 7:37 p.m. So, I read the whole Internet for you, and here’s a condensed version for those of you who don’t have my endless free time.

1. KINDERGARTEN CRUNCH Full-day kindergarten and other radical changes are coming as Regina’s public school board tries to cope with slashed provincial funding.

2. LIBRARY LAMENT Provincial cuts to library funding are devastating. This is what we get from a bunch of boom bungling politicians, I guess.

3. PROTESTS FOR COLTEN BOUSHIE CONTINUE The RCMP have scaled back their presence outside North Battlefield’s provincial court after demonstrators called it “intimidating”: “[The RCMP is] protecting who, and from what exactly? That’s not clear to us, especially with the history my family’s had thus far with the RCMP,” Boushie’s cousin told CBC. Good question.

4. “ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT” Canada ranks 10 out of 16 “peer countries” on a Conference Board Of Canada report. Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which a certain nasty ex-Prime Minister dismissed as “northern European welfare states”, rock, as usual. Also, the United States is hilariously disastrous on the Income Inequality chart.

5. WELCOME BACK BRIAN, I GUESS Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal will gather ’round the cabinet table for a special performance from Canada’s favourite former prime minister, Lyin’ Brian Mulroney. The sad thing is, ol’ “envelopes stuffed with bills” probably has useful insights. Sigh.

6. CELL PHONE SPY DEVICES DISCOVERED AT MONTREAL AIRPORT Who’s responsible? Nobody’s taking responsibility.

7. BANNON BOOTED President Donald Jerkwad Trump has removed his political adviser, former Breitbart boss Steve Bannon, from the National Security Council. Trump’s administration continues to be an unprecedented shambles.

8. WHO GASSED CIVILIANS? Russia and Syria say it was Syrian rebels but pretty much everyone else says it was the Syrian regime. I’ll put my nickel on the latter. If Bashir al Assad had retired to Moscow after the 2011 mass protests the country wouldn’t be rubble and 470,000 people would still be alive. The brutality seems never-ending. Monstrous.

HARPOONISTS AND AXE MURDERERS Are these the sort of people we welcome to this town? Hell yes they are. Show’s tonight at the Exchange. Here’s Beatty’s interview with Axe Murderer Matthew Rogers.  Also, have you guys seen Greg? He hasn’t been in the office in more than a week…

Here’s “Forever Fool” from TH&TAM’s new album Apocalipstik.