Daily AggregationHappy lunch hour Regina! It’s a moderately “pleasant day, 12°C at the moment with a high of, well, 12 apparently. The sun was up before six: 5:55 a.m., which blows my mind. Even better news for sunlight fans: it sets tonight at 8:00 on the dot. I love spring! Here’s some scraps of news I found laying around the web this morning.

1. REGINA COUNCIL: SHOCKINGLY SANE AND RESPONSIBLE They could’ve cut services like tax-phobic maniacs but instead, the city will raise taxes to offset devastation from the provincial government’s boom-bungling, “spend the reserves” recklessness. Here’s Paul Dechene’s coverage, and here’s more from the Leader-Post, CBC and CJME. Mayor Michael Fougere will say that people who are mad should take their complaints to the province. Mayor Michael Fougere is right.

2. REGINA ORGANIZATIONS COULD SEE FUNDING CUTS Story here. Groups like Carmichael Outreach, the North Central Community Association and Planned Parenthood could be in trouble.

3. REFUGEES AND PREDATORS The RCMP had a press conference this morning about a human smuggling case involving people desperate to get out of the United States, or, as CBC puts it, the “droves of asylum seekers” coming here “in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president.”

4. FRACK FRACK QUAKE Fracking in British Columbia caused 767 earthquakes between 2014 and 2015. Fracking causes earthquakes. What are we doing. We have got to kick the fossil fuel monkey.

5. IRONIES ABOUND AS BIGOTS FREAK OUT OVER SCHOOL PRAYERS A Toronto school board gave Muslim students prayer space and now critics are losing their minds. A lot of no-prayer-in-the-classroom type atheists like me tend to be for it (because come on, it’s NOT a school-endorsed-or-mandated class prayer, it’s a compassionate, tolerant and no-skin-off-my-nose accommodation) while people who would love to see the Lord’s Prayer recited in classrooms are opposed (which I have no evidence for that but it’s true).

6. CHINA’S CONCERNED ABOUT NORTH KOREA Seems like a sensible topic for fretting.



9. BYE-BYE BILL O’REILLY Fox News is dumping him. Good. He’s been an angry, toxic person who infects viewers with his hateful worldview. Would love to see the end of his career.