Daily AggregationIt’s been a little too long so here’s a few news links. Glance at ’em on your phone and make a mental note that you’ll look at them later when you don’t have an after-work pint in front of you. This is a lie: you and I both know you probably won’t get around to it. But that’s all right; this gave me a chance to say “have a good weekend!” at you. Have a good weekend!

1. WEATHER AND SUN STUFF Oh yeah, I’m supposed to write that sunrise was at 5:14 and sunset is still hours away—8:35 p.m. Total daylight is 15 hours, 21 minutes and we’re still more than a month away from the summer solrice! The high today was supposedly 23°C and right now it’s 22 and ludicrously swell outside..

2. THE HEAD OF THE U.S. CENSUS QUITS Read about it here and enjoy the grim analysis here. Speaking of census fights, readers will remember Stephen Harper’s government going after the Canadian census in 2010. The predictable result: a data disaster.* Politicians who attack the collection of data do so because facts get in the way of their agendas. Never forget that.

*Although I am tickled to live in a country that gets excited when politicians restore the mandatory long-form census.

3. FEMINISTS VS. TRANSGENDER RIGHTS, WTF I’m not sure I should even link to this story, but it exists, so… blah. More on the topic here.

4. ELON MUSK’S SASKATCHEWAN BACKGROUND Mark Melynchuk files some interesting stories for the L-P. This is one of them.