Daily AggregationGood afternoon Regina. At 3:15 it’s 16°C and gorgeously sunny. Said sun rose this morning at 5:29 and it’ll set at 8:22 this evening. You wanna know about the moon? Moonrise was at 12:39 p.m. today. It’s a little over two-thirds; the full moon is May 10 so you werewolves have another week before you have to lock yourself in a fortified basements with 50 pounds of raw steak and your neighbour’s crappy cat. News!

1. BOOM BUNGLERS AND CROWN KILLERS Well well well, what a frickin’ surprise. After vowing to not sell off crowns without a referendum, Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party government have met with Bell, Rogers and Telus about selling 49 per cent of SaskTel, which will raise everyone’s phone/internet bills, send Saskatchewan profits to telecom shareholders, wipe out good local jobs, cripple the ability of future Sask governments to fund needed programs and, most hilariously, open the door for a lucky MLA or two to land cushy post-political careers on telecom boards of directors like when former Manitoba premier Gary Filmon privatized the Manitoba Telephone System then took a job on its board of directors. Wall and his cronies must think you’re really stupid and you’ll go along with this without a fuss. Prove him wrong. And be funny and peaceful about it because John Gormley doesn’t need you giving him material to smear Sask Party critics with.

2. SASKATOON COURIER WANTS TO TAKE OVER FOR STC So what, we should cheer? This is how privatization and cuts to public services work —the private sector gobbles-up the profitable bits of a dismembered public entity, and the money-losing (but needed) services either aren’t provided any more or governments have to step in after the dust settles and fork over subsidies to the private vultures that grabbed the scraps, just to keep money-losing (but needed) services going. Along the way, good jobs die and big-money investors profit. Personally I’d rather have a few dopey failures like Spudco than the destruction of public services because politicians have ideology (and rich donors). YMMD.

3. HUGE, EXPLODING FIRE AT REGINA’S OLD GM PLANT The heritage building was partly destroyed. One organization affected: REACH (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger), which operates in the building. Five hundred needy families won’t get their food hampers today.

4. BODY FOUND ON THE RING ROAD Story but not many details here.

5. FBI BOSS IS JUST SICK ABOUT IT James Comey’s admission that the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s e-mails put Trump in the White House, but the FBI director would play it the same way again.

6. BIGOTS AGAINST BODIES Turns out it’s legal for U.S. funeral homes to reject LGBTQ people’s corpses. Appalling.

7. HAPPY WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY! Here’s a column on the threat of an apathetic public, a story on persecuted cartoonists and an editorial on the need for Canada to guarantee press freedoms. Want to read more about the state of journalism? Check out Reporters Without Borders. Want to buy hard-working and often unappreciated journalists a present today? Subscribe to an online newspaper. The media can’t exist without you.

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Here’s a classic scene with some of my favourite fictional journalists at one of my favourite fictional newspapers. Happy World Press Freedom Day!