Daily AggregationGood afternoon, Regina. Ready for the weekend? Me too. Ready to work on Best Of Food anyway. WHEEE. At around 4:15 it’s a lovely 18C, sunny and mildly breezy. Tomorrow sounds great. Sunset tonight is 8:45, sunrise was at 5:04 and today’s total daylight is 15 hours, 40 minutes. Have a few links; one of ’em has a UFO!

1. LIBERAL CARBON TAX INFURIATES PETRO-GROUPIE POLITICIAN Oh COME ON. Climate change is real, action needs to be taken, the Liberals have a plan but Brad Wall hates it? It’s hilarious that an alleged fan of business and markets rejects the market-based response to climate change. Also, in case you’re wondering, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society supports the plan.

2. MEANWHILE GLOBAL WARMING FLOODED HUMANITY’S EMERGENCY SEED RESERVES (BUT THEY’RE OKAY FOR NOW) Kind of makes you think we’re at the point where climate change denial is a literal crime against humanity. I mean, the fucking seed reserves. You’d have to be cracked to think that’s not terrifying.

3. TRANSIT UNION SUES TO SAVE STC Is shutting down a Crown privatization? Government says no. Union says yes. Courts will decide.

4. NO SUPPER FOR YOU One in four Nunavut residents doesn’t get enough food and the situation needs national attention, say far-left hippies at the Conference Board Of Canada. “Canada doesn’t think as a country strategically around food. We don’t have a national food policy. We don’t have a national food strategy,” the report’s co-author told CBC. Well I for one support my tax dollars being invested in a public solution.

5. TRUMP SUCKS AT GAMES Good read here on why the President is terrible at getting things done. Politics might be poker but governing is chess.

6. CANADA’S BEST UFO INCIDENT TURNS 50 Read all about it.

7. CHRIS CORNELL OBITUARIES In The Guardian (plus this column on 10 essential songs), The New York Times, Rolling Stone and a bunch of write-ups in The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative newspaper. I’m not a grunge guy so let’s keep this simple: here’s maybe Soundgarden’s best-known hit, “Black Hole Sun”.