Daily AggregationHI THERE. What’s new? Seriously, what’s new? Let me know in the comments. Hey, it’s only 8°C and the high’s just gonna be 12. I hear there’s a chance of frost tonight. Sunrise today was at 5:07 and sunset is at 8:42 for 15 hours and 35 minutes of cloud-filtered daylight. Have some new links!

1. KEEP ON TRUMPIN’ The most awesomely incompetent U.S. president of anyone living’s lifetime is probably making a lot of money for the Washington Post these days. What can you say about a dipshit president who warned, then fired, the FBI director investigating his administration’s Russian connections and then leaks an allie’s intelligence to Russia? How about “LOL”? Here’s today’s headline, about Republicans struggling to deal with President Trump’s watergate-level shenanigans.

2. STC WORKERS SUE SASK Read all about it.

3. PROVINCE GETS GOING ON CATHOLIC SCHOOL FUNDING DECISION APPEAL Story here. Greg’s working on something on this for this issue, notwithstanding something going wrong (see what I did there?).

4. SENTENCING UPDATE CBC reports on the La Loche and Hannah Leflar sentencing hearings.

5. NEW CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS? TELL ME MORE The Trudeau government brings in new legislation to prevent a United Airlines-style traveller-pummeling.

6. CHELSEA MANNING IS FREE On the occasion of Chelsea Manning’s release from jail, here’s Glenn Greenwald on the whistle-blower’s cruel abuse by military prison authorities and her blue-sky future.

7. HIGH STAKES FOR BLACK SNAKES Here’s an interesting and depressing conservation story about how attempts to protect beautiful and unique Alabama habitat and wildlife have inspired misinformed landowners to kill snakes and possibly tortoises.

8. McDONALD’S GETS IN TROUBLE FOR AN INOFFENSIVE AD I like this ad. It’s sweet, and all the outrage is frivolous, over-sensitive, classist and just plain lazy McDonald’s-bashing. In short I agree with this writer. Anyway, if we’re talking about offensive ads here’s one worth getting angry about (no, it’s not the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad; that was so LOL hilariously ill-conceived I can’t get mad at it).