Daily AggregationGood afternoon! As I pressed the shiny, green “publish” button on this post it was 14°C. As for the forecast, you probably have an idea what it’s like out at this point, but in case you got out of bed at noon too: in the Second Age, the gnarled oracles of Atalantë foretold today’s high to be, well 14°C I guess, with a -2 low that, fortunately, is long behind us. The sun rose at 5:40 a.m. and we’ll bask in its cloud-filtered luminescence until 8:12 for a total daylight time of 14 hours and 32 minutes. How about some news before weekend beers?

1. SOUNDS LIKE THE SASK PARTY WANTS TO SELL HALF OF SASKTEL What a bunch of duplicitous rats. No offence to rats, which can be lovely animals.

2. KINDA LOOKS LIKE THE NDP WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG, HUH? I mean, this was still a shitty ad campaign–for one thing, the wolf in the picture was cute. Still: they were right. The Sask Party is desroying and privatizing crowns.

3. PROTEST FOR A PREMIER According to a friend who was there, 300 people turned up to  rambunctiously protest Brad Wall’s dinner. My preference is for huge protests, not vandalizey ones. Also: critics like Tammy Roberts have called functions like these cash-for-access events. They have a point.

4. HOPEFULLY IN THIS CASE, CHEATERS WILL PROSPER The Riders sure are good at breaking rules and getting fined.


6. TRUMP PLANS TO TRASH NATIONAL MONUMENTS Of course he does. He’s a fundamentally corrupt and ugly specimen of humanity.

LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME TONIGHT? I recommend Hamilton musician B.A. Johnston, who’s playing a free show at O’Hanlon’s. Check out Emmet’s interview, in this issue: it’s a hoot.