Last fall, I did an article on an initiative the City was undertaking to map cultural resources in Regina. The aim was to create an inventory of venues, suppliers, arts organizations and other resources to help maximize productivity in the cultural sector.

If you read the article, you’ll learn that similar projects have been undertaken in cities like Winnipeg and Vancouver, and that while the maps are generally regarded as a useful tool, there are potential pitfalls — one being that the mapping process be for the benefit of the cultural community, and not simply morph into a promotional exercise for the city’s hospitality industry. Also, steps need to be taken to ensure that smaller scale organizations can participate in the exercise along with the bigger cultural players.

Anyway, the City announced today that it’s launched an on-line survey where members of the cultural sector can answer questions on the type of programming they do, the type of facilities they operate, and other matters. The survey can be accessed at:

The results of the survey, along with the map, are supposed to be released in September.