1 THE CHRISTIAN TALIBAN STRIKES BACK Harper’s government does a 180 on same sex marriages. (The Globe and Mail)

2 DON’T WANT TO BE AROUND THAT TABLE ON THANKSGIVING Roxy Music lead singer/songwriter Bryan Ferry, once the best-dressed man in rock, marries a woman 37 years younger than him who is his son’s ex-girlfriend.(Gawker)

3 AT LEAST THEY’RE NOT CHOKING ON SOMEONE ELSE’S VOMIT Five years after financial considerations forced most states to abandon the ‘lock them up and throw away the key’ procedure, Americans are now more likely to die after they choke on their own vomit than be murdered. (Washington Post)

4 ALT-ROCK AND PUNK, R.I.P. The surviving members of the Velvet Underground are suing Apple over Andy Warhol’s trademark banana. (The Globe And Mail)

5 WINNING THE HEARTS AND MINDS The Afghani government is already pissed with western governments. Now, they have an even greater reason to be, thanks to this video purported to be of U.S. Marines urinating on corpses in the battlefield. (Al Jazeera)

6 CHARGE IT TO OTTAWA The next time governments complain about the size of the deficit, remind them that they have a lot of loopholes –- like letting corporate executive deduct lunches and dinners as business expenses. That costs the Canadian taxpayer over $185 million a year. And that’s just a start. (Huffington Post Canada)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees died this day in 2003, while today is Rob Zombie’s 47th birthday (or un-birthday, since he’s a zombie). Since I’m not a fan of either of them I’ll go and choose something else. The first song played on my iPod today: The Stone Roses, “She Bangs The Drums”.